Biotin for Nails-Is it good? Dosage and Reviews

How good is biotin for nails. Will it strengthen weak and brittle nails? Can it be used to promote nail growth? How much biotin do you need for your fingernails and toe nails? Read to find out in addition reviews and before after pictures

How does Biotin work for Nails?

Biotin is one of the B vitamins; it is also known as vitamin B7. It is a water soluble vitamin which means that the body does not store it.Studies show that taking high doses of biotin can help treat weak hair and nails. In fact, this treatment was first discovered when horses were effectively treated with biotin to correct problems with the horses’ hoofs becoming brittle and cracked.

biotin for nails growth b7
Biotin Capsules and healthy naisl

In addition to its use for nails, it also has many important functions in the body including;

  • Protects Brain Function and Fights Cognitive Decline
  • Supports Thyroid and Adrenal Function
  • Build and Repair Tissues and Muscles
  • Helps Maintain a Healthy Cardiovascular System
  • Maintains Healthy Hair and Skin
  • Supports a Healthy Metabolism
  • May Improve Glucose Intolerance and Help Balance Blood Sugar

Benefits of biotin for Nails

Biotin is an essential part of enzymes in the body that break down substances like fats, carbohydrates and others. Biotin deficiency can affect your health and growth of nerves and bones, which can possibly lead to hair loss, dermatitis or neurological symptoms. With a water soluble biotin supplement, you can increase the growth of your body’s cells, promoting the strength of your hair, skin and nails.

Biotin can be beneficial for your nails in the following ways:

It may help brittle nails

Brittle nails are weak and easily become chipped, split or cracked. It is a common problem estimated to affect around 20% of the world’s population and biotin may help in brittle nails.

In one study, 8 people with brittle nails were given 2.5mg of biotin per day for 6 to 15 months. The nail thinness improved by 25% in all the eight participants. Nail splitting was also reduced.

Another study was conducted with 35 people with brittle nails found 2.5mg of biotin per day for 1.5 to 7 months and the symptoms improved in 67% of those who participated.

Bottom line: brittle nails are fragile and easily become split or cracked and therefore biotin supplements may help strengthen the nails.

Promotes nail growth

Biotin encourages nail growth because it is absorbed into the core of the nail which is the part of the nail embedded in the finger where cells are generated, states Dr. Richard K. Scher,a professor of dermatology and head of the nail section at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York. Scher suggests biotin supplements might help in promoting thicker nail growth and has marked success with two-thirds of his patients.

Biotin dosage for brittle and weak nails+ How to take

Common preparations of biotin in tablet form are 10 micrograms (mcg), 50 mcg, and 100 mcg. But there is no recommended dietary allowance for biotin, only suggested adequate intake levels.

How much to take

To make sure that you are getting enough biotin daily, these are the recommendations:

  • From birth to 12 months:7mcg
  • From 1 to 3 years:8mcg
  • From 4 to 8 years:12mcg
  • From 9 to 13 yearsrs:20mcg
  • From 14 to 18 years:25mcg
  • Over age 18:30mcg
  • During pregnancy:30mcg
  • If breastfeeding:35mcg

In addition to the biotin supplement you should do the following:

  • Minimize water exposure to your nails.
  • Use gloves when doing dishes, cleaning, and handling wet laundry.
  • Use alcohol gel sanitizers when possible
  • Constant wetting and drying of your nails leads to dehydration that worsens weak, brittle nails.
  • Apply moisturizer, such as Eucerin Hand Crème, to your nails as well as your hands.
  • Use a moisturizer every time you wash your hands.

How to take biotin for fingernails and toenails

How biotin works on brittle nails and cracked hooves is still unknown. It appears to be safe, with no side effects and is also available without a prescription from health-food stores and pharmacies. However its effectiveness is dependent on very high doses to work, it would be practically wise to check with one’s physician prior to starting biotin treatment.

It is the work of a nail technician to recommend biotin but should refer clients to a doctor for appropriate dosage. For benefit to your nails, the vitamin is taken on a daily basis. Usually a minimum of 6-8 weeks must go by before you notice any improvement.

Because of the high dosage requirement, it is definitely not advisable to take biotin during pregnancy until more is known about the vitamin; your client should at least consult with the obstetrician.

Biotin food sources

Biotin is mostly found in most multivitamin preparations but only in very small quantities. Foods containing biotin includes:

  • Legumes
  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Mushrooms
  • Egg yolks
  • Yeast
  • Soybeans
  • Fish
  • Milk
  • Lentils
  • Peanut butter
  • Bananas

For a detailed discussion, check : Biotin rich foods

In addition to the foods, water is also very important. About 20% of the female population is affected with brittle nails. Since this disorder called brittle nail syndrome is due to the loss of moisture in the nail plate and it best treated by rehydration.

Is there biotin oil and liquid for nails?

Liquid biotin is available and it is called Rapunzel Biotin. It is a fast absorbing liquid and it is easily ingested and fast acting liquid. You can simply drop it into a glass of water or any drink of your choice. Alternatively, you can decide to take your biotin sublingual and drop it under your tongue for ultra fast absorption.

The liquid is infused with all natural cane sugar and organic vanilla; it’s the perfect amount to make it not to be too sweet and therefore gives the liquid a sweet vanilla taste.

Bottom line: biotin oil and liquid for nails are available. They help in keeping your nails strong and healthy especially for those with weak and brittle nails.

Tips to use biotin for nail health and strength

You should try to incorporate biotin-rich foods into your daily diet by consuming biotin rich foods.

Take daily biotin supplements if diet fails to strengthen your weak nails. According to the University of Maryland Medical Centre, commercial biotin supplements are available in 10, 50 and 100mcg doses. The recommended dosage for adults is 30mcg.

Talk to your physician or dermatologist if your nails are weak or if you want to take a higher dosage of biotin. Although biotin is believed to be non-toxic, there is potential for side effects and possible interactions with prescription medications. 

Biotin for Nails Reviews, Results, Before and After  Pictures

Basing on user reviews on online forums and  stores, biotin seems to help some individuals grow their nails.

Below is a screenshot of a positive user review from walmart

Biotin for nails reviews
Walmart User review

Before and after results picture

biotin for nails before and after picture
Before and after

However it does not work for everyone. Other users claim that this vitamin supplement showed no results .                                                                          

 Side Effects/Safety

Biotin is a safe and non toxic vitamin. It has not been associated with any serious side effects even when it is taken in large doses. The FDA reports that biotin is safe and well tolerated when taken by mouth in recommended doses.

Biotin is also likely if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, but is advisable that you should always let your doctor know about any supplements you are taking if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or if you may become pregnant. You should also check with your doctor always before giving biotin to your child.

Bottom line: Biotin for nails is safe and non-toxic even when it is taken on high doses but if you are pregnant and breastfeeding you should first consultant your doctor before you take any supplements.

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