Biotin Dosage for Nails, Hair, Adults, 5000mcg, RDA, Overdose, How Much Biotin is Too Much – Side Effects

What is biotin dosage? How much biotin should I take and is safe? How much is too much or an overdose? What is the dosage for 5000mcg,1000mcg 0r 10000mcg biotin?  What is the RDA of biotin? What are the side effects of too much biotin in your system? Here is a guide on how much biotin you should take for hair, strong nails, adults and children and other specific ages.

What is Biotin Dosage? How much Biotin should I take?

You probably must have heard of the benefits of biotin and these questions are somehow bothering you:What dosage of biotin? How much biotin should I take?

How much biotin to kae?
Biotin Tablets

Biotin supplements are used to prevent and treat biotin deficiency. However, with rising popularity for reasons other than these, there have been debates on whether biotin is safe and how much one should take when it comes to healthy long hair and strong nails. Most adults need about 30mcg of biotin per day to maintain normal metabolic functions, which translates into healthy nails, skin and hair. Experts usually recommend a starting dose of about 700mcg of biotin per day and sometimes as high as 1000mcg.

Because it is generally safe and well-tolerated many people take as high as 10000mcg a day with no documented side effects. There is no evidence however, of any additional benefits that come with increased doses.

How to Take Biotin

Biotin is best taken orally as the consumption is increased. There are reports that biotin molecules are bigger therefore making it less effective as topical applications. There are however, many products meant for skin application in form of skin creams, oils and shampoos. It is important that you take biotin only as prescribed by your doctor or as directed on the label of the supplement you have already purchased. What if you skipped a dose of biotin? Act by taking the skipped dose as soon as you remember. If it’s almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose. Don’t double your dose to make up for the missed dose

Recommended Dosage of Biotin- How much Biotin should I take a Day or Daily

What is the recommended biotin dosage? How much biotin should I take a day or on a daily basis? While the recommended daily dose of biotin is a mere 30mcg, most studies of biotin benefits use considerably more. According to WebMd, the appropriate dose depends on several factors such as the user’s age and several health conditions.

Currently there are no appropriate ranges of doses of biotin. It is important to note that supplements, whether natural or not are not necessarily safe and dosages are very important. It is advisable that you consult a doctor before using any vitamins especially if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Biotin Dosage for Nails Hair Adults 5000mcg Overdose How Much Biotin is Too Much Side-Effects
Biotin Supplements

Biotin Dosage for Nails & Hair

How much do you need for your nails and hair? Most studies of biotin’s benefits use considerably more than 30mcg. In one trial, nails became 25 percent thicker in the volunteers who took a daily dose of 2500mcg of biotin — which translated to stronger nails with less splitting. Another study by researchers at Columbia University in New York found that, among people who took biotin for brittle nails, 63 percent showed improvement after six months. Alongside taking biotin for strong nails, practice safe nail practices for best results. For hair growth/ regrowth and loss, it is recommended that you should not exceed 10000mcg per day. Find out more about biotin for hair;

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Biotin Dosage- 5000Mcg, 1000Mcg & 10000Mcg Supplement

Biotin 5000mcg is the most popular supplement of all biotin supplements. This is so due to its ease in consumption as one does not need to take many pills per day. For those who take biotin 5000, it is advisable to take these pills in a two-divided course, one in the morning and the other in the evening.

Other people prefer to take it every night. Either way, it is important to remember to take your vitamins with food to avoid stomach upsets and for better absorption.

Biotin 1000mcg & 10000mcg are two other common supplements. As you may have already noted, the recommended daily dosage is around 30mcg which without doubt implies that 1000, 10000 or 5000mcg is too much, isn’t it? Yes it is but alternate practitioners of medicine and dermatologists still recommend since it is a safe supplement with minor side effects some of which you will learn about shortly. However, always, always and always consult your doctor.

Biotin Dosage for Adults & Infants or Kids

What is the recommended dosage of biotin for adults and kids? Read on to learn more

Biotin Dosage for Adults

Even at high levels, biotin seems to be well tolerated. The maximum safe dose is still unknown as studies are still scanty. There is no evidence or report on biotin’s toxicity. Doses as high as 10000mcg have been taken without any side effects in some people. Excess biotin is removed from the body via urine, meaning that it cannot be stored to toxic levels in the body. However, the dosage is as follows, but as stated seek your doctor’s advice before taking this supplement

  • 19 years and above: 30 mcg
  • Pregnant women: 30 mcg
  • Lactating women: 35 mcg

Biotin Dosage for Infants or Kids

Biotin Dosage For Kids
Biotin used for skin Rashes & Dandruff

Biotin, has been used effectively to treat dandruff and skin rash in children. Some children are born with an inherited deficiency condition known as biotinidase deficiency. This means that they lack the enzyme used by biotin. It has over time been emphasized that you should not give biotin to a child unless a pediatrician recommends it.

Before deciding on whether to give a child biotin supplements, it is advisable that you make optimal use of biotin found in common foods before going for supplements. Such children present with, developmental delays and skin rash. So how much biotin should a child take. This are the recommended doses of biotin for children below 13 years of age.

  • 0-6 months: 5 mcg
  • 6-12 months: 6 mcg
  • 4-8 years: 12 mcg
  • 1-3 years: 8 mcg
  • 9-13 years: 20 mcg

Safe Biotin Dosage

Biotin is generally considered safe and well tolerated. The FDA has listed daily adequate intake of biotin. However, there are no known effects of taking this vitamin even at higher doses. So, what is the safest biotin dosage? This debatable question leaves many of biotin’s users at a liberty to use any amount from the recommended 30mcg to 10000mcg as long as the risk factors have been ruled out.

RDA of Biotin

What is the RDA of biotin? RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) is the amount of vitamins and minerals needed to provide for sufficient nutrition in majority healthy individuals. Just like the daily dosage of biotin that has already been discussed above, RDAs for a given nutrient may differ depending on a individual’s age, sex, and physical condition (e.g., pregnancy).

The term RDA is mostly used in the United states but countries like Canada use Recommended Nutrient Intakes (RNIs). Since lack of biotin is rare, there is no RDA or RNI for it. [Mayo clinic ] RDA of biotin is just the same as the daily dosage. The figures(amount) are the same. Refer above.

According to the Institute of Medicine, listed below are the Biotin RDA for different ages
Ages1-3 shoulld take 8 mcg
Ages 4-8 should take 12mcg
Ages 9-13 should take 20 mcg
Ages 14-18 should take 25mcg
Adults should take 30 mcg or 35mcg(lact)

Biotin Overdose – How Much is Too Much Biotin?

Biotin Overdose-Too Much Biotin
Biotin Generally Nontoxic

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin and is easily removed from the system via urine. Regardless of dosage, biotin is generally nontoxic and does not have known side effects. There is no maximum stated dose for biotin.

For this reason, avoid taking more than recommended daily intake doses before you consult a physician. Try to stick to the recommended dose. If you have difficulty getting enough of it from biotin rich foods, talk to your doctor about taking supplements.

Side Effects of Too Much Biotin

There are not many known side effects of too much biotin. It is however important to note that, just like any other medication, people react differently. Even at the highest dose, which is 10000mcg. There have not been many cases of adverse reactions.

Reported cases of side effects of biotin are allergic in nature. There are cases of people who reported side effects as soon as they stopped using biotin. These claims have however not been confirmed. Very sensitive people can experience the following biotin overdose symptoms:

  • Skin eruptions
  • Itchiness of the skin
  • Rash and
  • In extreme cases, eosinophilic pleuropericardial effusion.

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  1. My nails started splitting and I started with 5,000 mcg of biotin. (Why use 5000 micrograms Instead of 5 milligrams?) It stopped the splits. I ran out and forget about biotin for a while and the split returned. After a restart, then split was gone again. After another 18 months are so, still taking 5,000 mcg, the split has returned. Its not a big deal, but when I scratch my head, reach into my pocket, or move my hand across the furniture the split catches and tends to get worse. Would 10,000 mcg ( 10 milli grams.) be advisable? Would it postpone or not postpone what appears to be inevitable?

    1. Hi Bryan. Thanks for visiting DurableHealth. Other users have had the same problem as you. According to these users, what worked out was actually reducing the dosage. Try it out and let us know the results.

    2. My son just consumed most of my daughters biotin and vitamin C gummies. There were 90 tablets now there are only 26. What do I do?

      1. Hello Rose, as stated above, there are not many known side effects of too much biotin.It is water-soluble and can be removed from the body easily. Note that individuals react differently. Note any reaction from your son then consult your physician.

          1. It depends on how body will react to it. To most people it is safe while to others it does not sit well with their bodies. Consult your doctor for further clarification

  2. Hello,
    I took Nature Made vitamins for hair,skin and nails, with 2,500 mcg of Biotin with excellent results for my hair loss. However, now I am taking a multivitamin supplement with includes only 30 mcg of Biotin. So, additionally to this supplement, I am taking Biotin ( 1000 mcg x 2 softgels) but I am wondering if I am doing good or not? as the supplement has already 1.5 mg B1 , 1.7 mg B2, 2mg. B6, and 6 mcg B12. What do you recommend me?
    Thanks for yr advice.

    1. Hi Marthy, Thanks for visiting DurableHealth. Biotin is known to be safe and it interacts perfect with most medications/multivitamin supplements. However Vitamin B-5 impacts biotin absorption and therefore the amount of biotin you take might be affected. BUT before doing anything the first step is to check with you doctor… always.

      1. Hello Charl,you said B-5 “impacts” Biotin absorption but didn’t specify how.Does this mean it interferes with it’s absorption as in blocking it? In this case there would be no concern for toxicity. Or by “impact” do you mean,it would probably interact another way,perhaps causing toxicity or over absorption? In this case of course the decision to decrease the dose would be obvious.You did advice Marthy to check with a Dr.first,but perhaps if you’d been a bit more specific in your answer there would be no need as they would know what to expect. My apologies if I come across as a bit rude but it annoys me when people don’t give clear answers,especially when answering people’s health concerns.I’m hoping you will give me a clear answer,a simple ‘I’m not exactly sure” is ok and not a vague “Check with your Dr. first” I mean I can think of that myself 🙂 Cheers!

        1. Hi Diana, thanks a lot for your contribution. So you ask, how does vitamin B-5 impact biotin intake? You actually already have a clue… Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B-5) and Biotin are both B vitamins. When the two are taken together, each can reduce the body’s absorption of the other. In other words the two compete. A high dose of let’s say B-5 can lead to a low level of biotin in your body. Just as you’ve said, it interferes with Biotin’s absorption as in blocking it. Just for clarification further purposes, we usually advice our readers to check with their doctors because the content on this website is for general informational purposes only and it is not intended to replace a healthcare practitioner’s consultation, diagnosis or treatment. Individuals/patients react to these supplements differently and that’s why a certified doctor’s consultation should be the first step before trying any medication which may be inform of these supplements.Not all users check with their doctors first.

  3. Hi
    Do i have to use Biotin 5000mcg forever in order to keep the result or i can stop anytime and still maintain the result ? I’m using it for the thickness of my Hair

    1. Hi Abass, we appreciate your time on DurableHealth.
      Some users have reported no effects of stopping taking biotin. However some report effects such as hair fall, leg cramps, hair thinning etc. These effects are based personal accounts or they are regarded as hear-says. No real scientific evidence is there to support the claims. However, individuals react differently to various substances. As a rule of thumb, never should you start or stop any medication without first consulting your doctor or a qualified physician. Just to be on the safe side.

    1. Hi Bancy, the recommended dosage for Ages 14-18 is 25mcg. Please seek advice from your doctor before taking any medication including biotin

  4. Should Biotin be taken empty stomach or after food ? I do take doxicycline and Vitomin Z after my food as antibiotics for treating my Acne ! Please help . My Biotin tablets are 10mg .

    1. Hi Raj, Biotin can be taken before or after meal. I mean you can take it at whichever time you feel is convenient…either before or after. The reason being, biotin is soluble and therefore it can be absorbed with or without food.

  5. I want to try biotin for my hair loss. But I dun know how many mcg should i start with. I am 22 year- old. Please give me some advice. Thanks.


    1. Hello Rosey, the recommended dosage for anyone of age 19 and above is 30 mcg (excluding lactating and pregnant women) but do remember to seek more advice from your doctor before taking any medications for hair loss. Reason being, individuals react differently to different medications. Thanks for visiting DurableHealth

  6. Hi,
    I want to start taking biotin for hair growth and was wondering if there is a benefit to taking biotin over hairfinity. I’m 19 yrs old if that is relevant. Thanks in advance!

    1. Biotin vs Hairfinity …First and foremost different users react differently to both of these supplements. For some one supplement will work while the the other wont work. One thing that most users report is that Hairfinity produces faster results, within a week or so. Biotin produces results within at least two weeks. However in addition to hair it produces good results for skin and finger nails. Some users have reported break outs as a result of using either biotin or Hairfinity. One thing you should note is that Biotin is a major ingredient of Hairfinity. So which is the best? The best is the one that works for you. Tryout both supplements and find out the results. But before making your final decision, consult your doctor for further advice

      1. Hairfinity works well at first then causes MAJOR BREAKAGE and BRITTLE NAILS. Be careful using Hairfinity long-term.

      2. No medication would show results before 8 weeks as Telogen phase that is the time taken for dead hair to separate from skin is 2 to 3 months. Some patients improve on there own and attribute the effect to whatever they started at that time.

  7. OK I’m having an issue. I’ve been taking Biotin 5000mcg for three months now to strengthen my nails. I recently bought a bottle of bottle of hairfinity to help with thinning hair. Can I take both twice a day or is that too much? Thanks!

    1. Hi Janelle, Thank you so much for visiting DurableHealth. You already have the answer. It will be too much. If you check on hairfinity ingredients, you will notice that it already has 2500mcg of biotin. This implies that you will be taking 15000mcg (7500mcg*2) per day.From the arithmetic, it is too much. May be, you can try to lower the amount of biotion by 2500mcg. But be sure to consult your doctor for further advice before taking the medication.

  8. hi i would like to take biotin for hair loss. How much i should take daily? and can i take it for long time? please just let me know

    1. Hi Van,biotindaily intake for hair loss depends on your age and health status, 25 mcg for ages 14-18 and
      30 mcg for adults above 18 years. You can take biotin for a long time but you should note that different individuals react differently to biotin. It may work or not work for you. Do consult your doctor first.

  9. I have just started taking Biotin about a week ago to strengthen hair, regrowth of hair, & to strengthen my nails. I was wondering, do people on average begin to see results on/during the 2nd week or SHOULD I see results around the 2nd week?

    1. Hi Mickey,for some users biotin results show up around the second week while for others it may take 1-6 months or more. Interestingly, for others they never see results. Results vary from one individual to another. Do seek further advice from your doctor.

  10. I am 37, female. My hair is very fine. I had a really bad haircut and need my hair to grow FAST. How much biotin do you suggest I asked daily?

  11. My friend recommended me with biotin however i am not sure if man can use this and if their are side effects on man, most of the reviews I have read area from women and hardly from man. Please also advice the effect of biotin on weight?

  12. I take 6000mcg of biotin daily, meaning 2 3000mcg pills. Should i take the pills separately (one in the morning and one at night), or together at anytime of the day for better absorption and hopefully better results? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Michelle, biotin is a soluble vitamin and therefore can be easily absorbed even with food. Splitting the dosage into two may largely depend on how the pill was made or its content. First, check what the label says in terms of the exact dosage. If the instructions on the label are not clear consult your doctor for further details. You can as well contact the manufacturer for clarification.

    1. Hi Rasanna, usually one tablet daily. Do check the label for more details. It is also recommended that you consult with your doctor too.

  13. Hi
    I always had a long hair. Recently, I got a terrible hair cut and my hair is exactly half the length now , it’s much shorter, I feel embarrassed even to go out, moreover after the cut I have been having hair loss like never before. Is it ok to take biotin with a dosage of 5000 mcg for faster hair growth and to prevent hair loss? I never had biotin before. I have been taking vita fusion hair , skin and nail support ever since I have had the haircut , since past one month and I don’t see any improvement in my hair . Please advice.

    1. Hi Vandana,you should give Biotin a try.It has produced great results for some individuals.The dosage depends on your age and health status amongst other factors. It is better to start with a small dosage then increase as days go by only if the results are positive. However, you should consult with your doctor first for further advice. And, your hair should not be such a big embarrassment. Remember there are other people elsewhere who don’t have eyes to see or even legs to walk..Give it time and it will grow back.

  14. I’m 17 years old and I got the 10000 mcg bottle , is that to much or should I cut the pill in half and take a half a day or the whole pill a day ?

    1. Hi Jackie, thanks for visiting DurableHealth. The recommended dosage for your age is usually 30 mcg. Owing to the fact biotin is generally nontoxic and does not cause negative effects regardless of dosage, you may take upto 10000mcg but this entirely depends on your health status. Do consult your doctor first and remember to check the dosage and directions on the label.

    1. Hi Lara, the recommended dosage for anyone of age 19 and above is 30 mcg (excluding lactating and pregnant women). Though Biotin is known to be safe and without dietary limitations, do remember to seek more advice from your doctor before taking it.

  15. I recently bought H vit biotin 5000mcg for hair fall, my question is that can I split / brake the tablet and take that so that it dose can be reduced.Is it safe?

    1. Hi Adarsh, generally, biotin is thought to be safe with no dietary limitation. However,the dosage of biotin may depend on other factors like age, health status etc. First, read the instructions on the label, the amount you should take ought to be indicated. Seek more advice from your doctor who will examine you and provide you with more details.

  16. Can one take the 5000mcg daily the rest of one’s life, or do we need to cut down or stop for a time period.
    thanks for your answer.

    1. Hi Jag, pure biotin is a safe supplement and it has no dietary limitations…However not all biotin supplements in the market are the same. Some may not safe. Factors like age, health status etc. dictate how much of biotin you should take. Again, different individuals react to biotin differently. For some it works while for others it does not. Though, it is recommended that you consult your doctor for further advice.

  17. Hi! So I have a 2 month old moustache and a small beard under the chin (goatee). Like I said, growing this much took me almost 2 months. And on the cheek area, I do have hair, but very thin and small (almost invisible). So would you recommend 5000 mcg biotin or more or less to increase the volume of my facial hair? Btw I’m not in a hurry to grow a beard or anything.
    And also, will consuming biotin affect hair growth on other parts of the body, cause I don’t want hair growing on my back!

    1. Hi Bobby! The amount of biotin you need for hair growth may depend on factors such as age and your health status. However, Biotin is generally safe even if taken in large amounts. If you are starting, it is advisable that you start from a low dosage then move up as time goes by. About growth of hair in other parts the body-hair will probably grow. Biotin is not specified to a particular part of your body. As a rule of thumb, if you are considering trying bition, please seeek the advice of your healthcare provider regarding the correct dose and frequency.

      1. Thanks for the response! Although, I feel like biotin stimulates hair growth only in those areas where it is there already. Like my cheeks have hair all over them, very thin nonetheless, but they are there. And my back doesn’t have any. So does that imply that my back won’t grow any hair? Or will it? I’m not sure.

        1. Hi Bobby, you already have the answer. It stimulates hair growth only in the parts of your body that have hair. If back your has no hair, then it will not grow. Thanks a lot for your contribution.

  18. Hi charl i jus started using 30day beauty secret..and i want to add oda supplements such as cod liver oil and boitin 500mcg is it proper any side effect.. Tnk u

    1. Hi Farida, Biotin is generally safe. According to the information that is available, there aren’t any known drug interactions for biotin. However, make sure you consult a healthcare provider or pharmacist for more details.

  19. Hi i want to know if biotin stops hair breakage too and how long should I take it to make a big difference? My hair breakes and falls out a lot its terrible. Will biotin increase body and facial hair growth too cause I’m a girl and I don’t want my body and facial hair to grow

    1. Hi Lola, first, do consult with your doctor to find the exact cause of your hair fall out. Owing to the fact that hair breakage is one of the biotin deficiency symptoms, it is possible that biotin may help stop hair breakage. The duration may differ from one individual to another. Results may manifest in like 3 weeks or it may take months. Will Biotin cause body and facial hair growth? Not really! According to my favorite hair stylist and hair care writer, Danielle What can cause hair growth in women/ladies/girls, especially on the face, is the abundance of male hormone, known as androgen. As long as you are not taking male hormones, or any other medication that may affect hormone production in the body, you should not be worrying.

      1. Thanks for answering me! Also I wanted to know if biotin makes you lose weight, I’m too thin I don’t want to lose weight I want to gain weight

        1. Hi Lola you are welcome. There are claims that biotin may make you gain weight. But this is based on hear-says no scientific evidence to support these claims. At the same time it has been stated that Biotin may help in weight loss but that is if you pair it with a healthy diet and a good exercise regime for best results. However, evidence that it helps in weight loss is not clear. Studies are underway. If you want to gain weight, here is a resourceful article with tips on how to gain weight fast and safely

  20. Hi I’m 18 I’dont have problem with hair or somthing I’m healthy but I use Biotin for fast grow my beard,It’s healthy to use Biotin when you are healthy?

  21. Hi I can’t find the 5 mg biotin, all the pharmacies in my city have the 1 mg biotin and I want to know if taking only 1 mg a day has good results because I have heard that you need to take at least 5 mg a day to see god results? If not, can I take 4 or 5 capsules a day ( I know it’s the same dose 5 mg but I just think that is too many capsules a day) You may think that’s a weird question but I just want to know if it’s ok?

    1. Hi Lola, it is not a weird question…it is in fact a good question that some people have also asked. Biotins is generally thought to be safe for many individuals. So you can take your 5 capsules without worries. However, remember to consult your doctor for more information.

  22. Hi.
    I’m 26yrs old, my weight is 60kg. I dont have problem with my skin and nails,but i have severe hair loss. I would like to try Biotin for my hair loss. I haven’t took any hair loss treatment. Will Biotin be usefull for me? Is there any side effects in using Biotin? How many mcg should i start? Will it help bring my dense, long hair back? Please Advice! thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Riya, first you need to visit your doctor/dermatologist so that he/she can help you establish the exact cause of your severe hair loss. There might be other reasons other than hair treatments which you say you have not tried. The dosage for ladies of 19 years and above is 30 mcg. Biotin can be of great help. Biotin is generally considered safe and well tolerated when taken orally at recommended doses. There not many known Side effects of biotin

  23. Today I bought a bottle of natures bounty 5000 mcg biotin to help with the growth of my hair and nails. I am 15 years old and the bottle says that adults should take 1 tablet a day but this website says that you should take 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. What should I do? I’m just scared that I will be taking too much and it will mess up my hair or nails or something

    1. Hi Hailey, thanks for visiting our website. According to research, even in high doses, biotin is known to be safe with little or no side effects. It therefore should not scare you. Owing to the fact that biotin deficiency is a rare phenomenon, a recommended dietary allowance has not been established. However, there are suggestions for a dosage that can be deemed as normal intake, that is, 30-100 mcg for your age. For sure, 5000 mcg sounds a high dosage for your age. Do talk to your parents and let them consult your before taking it. Remember that Biotin can also be obtained from the foods you eat. Here are details on top foods which have biotin

  24. I started taking Biotin 5000mcg about 2yrs ago for thinning hair and brittle nails. August of 2015 my Dr said my creatinine levels and (BUN) levels had been going up and wanted mr to see a Nephrologist (kidney specialist). I couldn’t get an appointment for 4 months. I looked up on Internet what might cause this and “biotin” was a major concern. I immediately stopped the Biotin. I just got my new blood results today and my levels are normal. thank God.
    Yes my nails are all broken off again and my hair is still thin. I am going to ask Dr what amount I might be able to take safely.

    1. Hi Rhonda, thanks for sharing your experience. You are not alone, other users, though not many, have also had an increase in their creatinine levels as a result of taking biotin. According to studies, biotin is usually thought as safe but different users react to this vitamin supplement differently.For some it works without side effects while for it does not! Dosage may depend on your age, health status etc. Go ahead… pay your doctor a visit for further detailed consultation. And don’t forget to come back and share the results

  25. hi,
    i had acne problem from 2 to 3 years… and some one told me about the biotin(for skin)… i started it yesteday…its 5000 mcg … today i read that first you have to start very small dosage … 5000 mcg is ok per day? as i bought it… (biotin nutrifactor)…. is it ok to convert tablet into 2 equal pieces (half for daily ) or not?
    and what time is suitable for daily dose (morning or night)? and how much water should i take daily?
    and for how long i can use this?

    1. Hi Sobia, thanks for visiting DurableHealth. According to research, biotin is thought to be safe for most individuals. However, not all users react to the vitamin supplement in the same way. For some it works while for others it results to complications such break outs. For first-time users, it is recommended that they start with a lower dosage-just to be of the safer. Now that you already have the tablets, you can convert them to two (may be by splitting them into two on your own). You can as well try Nature Made 2,500mcg Biotin Liquid Softgels available on Amazon.
      Biotin can be taken at any time.
      Concerning the amount of water, take the normal daily consumption; that is, half of your body weight in ounces for instance if you weigh 80 pounds take 40 ounces of water. Some users also say you should avoid sugary foods to avoid further breakouts.

    1. The dosage will depend on factors such as your age and health status.
      Standard preparations are available in 10 mcg, 50 mcg, and 100 mcg tablets. The amount that has been tested by health professionals and said to be safe ranges from 30-600mcg. However, any amount at any time is generally thought to be safe considering that biotin is a water-soluble vitamin. Remember, different users react to biotin react either positively or negatively.

  26. Hello durablehealth, I started using biotin about a month ago. I take 2 dosage of the 500mcg daily. However, I just noticed I urinate frequently and also sweat more than normal. Is this normal or am I over using it?

    1. Hi Bukky, thanks for your contribution. Frequent washroom visits and sweating are effects that we haven’t heard many users report.If it is an overdose, then the solution is to reduce the amount. Please do check with your doctor for details.There could be an underlying issue.

  27. Hi! I have been reading that Biotin can be helpful for people that have AFIB is this true? I just bought some 5000mcg tablets and wondered if I should start at a lower dose? Does Biotin help the heart?

    1. Hi Wendy, thanks for your contribution. The information that exists on biotin and Atrial Fibrillation (AFIB) is too insufficient for us make a conclusion whether it is true or not. However, studies are underway. Keep yours on this space to get updates. Starting at a lower dose very recommendable. Biotin is a vitamin and therefore can help the heart. Enough biotin levels are necessary to maintain normal lipid metabolism. This in turn is vital for a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.

  28. Hi, I am 36 year old. i want to take biotin for skin and hairloss deficiency. So please suggest me how much dose should take?

    1. Generally, pure biotin is thought to be safe with no dietary limitation. Other than age,the dosage of biotin may depend on other factors like your health status. In almost all cases the dosage is indicated on the packaging of the supplement. For adults (19 years and above) the recommended dosage is usually 30 mcg. If you are not sure of your health status visit your doctor. He/she will examine you and provide you with more accurate details.

    1. Many individuals have experienced hair growth after taking biotin. That is, all sorts of hair including beard. Unfortunately, for others it does not seem to work. Give it a try and please do remember to come back and share your results

  29. hi…i want to take biotin for skin and beard growth and hairloss deficiency. So please suggest me how much dose should take? am 20 age .male.

    1. Hi Asraf, the recommended dosage for age is 30mcg. However, other than your age, amount of biotin you are required to take may also depend on your health status. Therefore, be sure to seek your doctor’s advice before taking this supplement.

    1. Hi, Manahil! There is no documented duration after which you should stop taking biotin. Remember it is a vitamin and we almost never stop eating vitamins. If it does not produce any side effect, you can take it as long as you want. However, stop immediately if you notice any negative effects.

  30. I have hypothyroidism and vitamin D deficiency. In last one year or so lost quite a lot of hair and still thinning as we speak. Started taking biotin 5000mcg every other day (2500mcg a day) two weeks ago along with Nizoral 2% shampoo as prescribed by my dermatologist. Plus vitD supplements.I was already using Rogaine and finesteride for few years but seem to have lost effectiveness with those. I noticed more thinning since I started biotin? Is this how biotin works? Like more shedding in the beginning of the treatment and then the body adapts? How long before I can see some results? If no results can I stop?

    1. Hello Mohammed. Thank you for your contribution. First, it is important to note these supplements do not work for everyone. That is the sad story. The manner in which our bodies react to such substances is totally different. For others, they work and for others they do not work. The point is, our bodies are designed or created differently…
      For the individuals who have had success with biotin, results show up as early as within the first 3-4 weeks. However, it may take longer than that. More shedding and thinning of hair isn’t the way Biotin should work. In fact, it is meant to make your hair thicker and stronger. If you take it for the prescribed period and still see no changes, you can do away with it. Do not forget to seek further consultation from your dermatologist.

  31. Hello can i use bioton with co q10 and grape seed extract as well as doxycycline hyclate ( tabocine 100 mg ) antibiotic ???
    P.s in using warfarin as i have a mechanical valve

    1. Hi Anafal, according to the available information, co q10, grape seed extract & Biotin have shown no interaction. However, the might be a minor or nonsignficant interaction between oral biotin and oral biotin and doxycycline hyclate oral-RxLi states that,” biotin oral will decrease the level or effect of doxycycline hyclate oral by suppressing bacteria in the stomach that may assist with drug absorption. This interaction may occur when both drugs are taken by mouth.” For more accurate information do consult your doctor.

    1. Hi Asraf, in other words you mean 5000mcg. You can take it owing to the fact that pure biotin is thought to be safe. If you are taking it for the first time, smaller doses are better. For your age the recommended dosage is 30mcg. Do remember to seek further consultation from doctor.

  32. k..tnku… every nght aftr dinnr… i tak… biotin tablet…thn. i drink one glas milk….is it good for my health??

    1. Hi Asraf. Biotin is a vitamin and and therefore good for your health. However it can be more effective if your are taking it as per your doctor’s instructions. The point here is, you should at least have serious reason to take it.

  33. I am a lung transplant patient, almost 8 years out. I have had elevated (~2) creatinine for the entire time. And I feel great. Recently, I added 10,000 mgc biotin per day, and in two months time, my Cr spiked from 2.3 to 3.9! I was at Duke on Monday, and they were concerned, but in cases of spikes, I always look for what was added new. It was only the biotin. In the google desription of this page, it had a line about …also had an increase in their creatinine levels as a result of taking biotin….
    I could not find that in the article or the comments. I am quite sure it was the biotin, but won’t know for a few weeks after I’ve stopped.

    1. Hi Sands, it is in the comments section, check the comment by Rhonda (February 19, 2016). Rhonda says that after doing Self-diagnosis, she found that biotin caused her creatinine levels and (BUN) levels to go up. The are a few other individuals who have also reported an increase in blood creatinine as a result of taking biotin. It is a side side effect based on personal accounts. There isn’t yet an exact study that explains this effect.

      1. Stop saying there are no studies indicating biotin is dangerous. I almost died fro it due to people like you spreading false information. Water soluabke means nothing when you reach toxic levels. It can kill!

        1. Hello Tammy, thank heavens you did not die. Please let us know of any particular study or studies which indicate that it can kill. If you keenly read through all the comments you will notice that it does not work for everyone. Seems like you are among the few who react to biotin negatively. If look around on authoritative websites like WebMD, Mayoclinic etc. they all say that this b7 vitamin is thought to be safe even in high doses. We did our research before publishing this post. In some comments we have even given the recommended doses. Further, in our disclaimer we have clearly stated that the content on this website is for informational purpose only and we do not provide medical advice. Owing to the fact that biotin does not the same for everyone, as it we have mentioned somewhere in the comments, it is very important that you consult doctor before trying it on your own.

  34. Im 22 can i use 5mg biotin.?i use biotin for quickly grow many days continues this capsule…?

    1. Hi Vishnu, yes you can use biotin. The label should indicate the dosage and how long you need to take the capsules. If not, consult your doctor. He/she examine you and recommend the correct dosage.

    1. Hello Maribel, the amount of biotin you need to take depends on your age and health status. However the recommended dosage is;

      • 30 mcg for 19 years and above
      • 30 mcg for Pregnant women
      • 35 mcg for Lactating women

      Normally, biotin is thought safe even in high doses. Check with your doctor for further details.

  35. I’m 25 year old,beard is not growing properly at all area of face. So, lot research from my side i plan to take biotin –there no hair loss to me. can u please suggest proper dose to take which brand is good either Now Foods, Biotin or Natrol, Biotin.

    1. There are quite a number biotin brands in the market. Nature’s Bounty and Natrol are among-st the most popular. All the brands are not created equal. Some have additional ingredients, some are vegetarian, while others like Nature Bounty are pure(according to the manufacturers). Others are free of substances such as gluten, salt, yeast etc. Check the labels for further information. The best brand will depend on what will work with your body without issues. Your doctor can help you out in making a good decision.

  36. Hello,
    I’m 20 years old, I haven’t started using Biotin yet. I don’t know till how long should I take this Biotin. I started with hair loss and my nails are week. Can you please suggest how long should I be taking Biotin. Are there any side effects that damages my hair growth or will I loose more hair than before. Please advise.

    1. Hello Maria, how long biotin should be takne biotin varies from one individual to another. Some user have reported results in as early as 3 weeks however but for other it may be a couple of weeks or it may as well not work completely. Biotin is generally thought to be safe even in high doses. However some individuals have reported side effects such as breakouts or acne. It entirely depends on how your body will react with the supplement. Please do consult your doctor for further details.

  37. I am 24 yrs old. I am having excess hair fall since last 3 months. I have seen a dermatologist and he has prescribed 1000mcg biotin. Does biotin use stimulates facial hair growth and hair growth in other parts too? I am a girl and don’t want hair growth in face and other parts.

    1. Hi Sweta,Growth of hair in different parts of your body is controlled by hormones. Biotin will only stimulate hair growth where there has been hair. Most ladies do not have a beard and therefore biotin cannot encourage growth of hair on this part your body.

  38. Hello im Eben. I am trying to join my side beards with the beard on the jaw and also make my beards fuller. Today i bought the 5000mcg biotin tablet and the recommendation on the bottle says “one daily”. I want to know if it is safe to start with it following this prescription or should i break it in two and take half daily. Kindly advice on this please. Thanks

    1. Hi Eben. Just take it as it has been prescribed. Being a water-soluble vitamin, biotin is thought to be safe even in large doses. However, if you experience something that is NOT normal after taking the 5000mcg biotin, see you doctor or reduce the dosage.

  39. Hi,
    I have just started taking a 10000 mcg biotin supplement along with my multivitamin, which contains 15 mcg of biotin as well. I’m going to be honest, one is a chewable and the other is a gummy. I’m a 20 year old woman who can’t take pills. Is this too much biotin? I take both at night.

    1. Hi Sienna, that sounds too much if we were to go by the recommended dosage. However, in most cases biotin is usually safe even in high doses: owing to the fact that it is a water-soluble vitamin. The best option is to start from lower dosage so that assess it effects as you gradually increase the dosage.

  40. Hi,
    I’m 27 and had too much hair fall and was tired of trying different shampoos, herbal oils therefore started with an online research and came to know about Biotin so purchased 1000 mcg and now its been a month and there is much reduction in the hair fall , can see little new hair growth through my hairline which made me very happy and now m thinking to increase the dose,so can you please suggest whether should i carry on with the same 1000 mcg or go for higher?

    1. Hi Priya. Thanks for contribution. Biotin is thought to be safe even in high doses. As long your are not experiencing any side effect, you can go for higher. However it would be wise to consult doctor for further details.

  41. I’am 23 years old after doing some research and online browsing, i finally want to try out biotin but I’am not sure of the dosage …i was planning to take 5000mcg
    i would like to if its good idea or not ?
    Its mostly for hair loss and particularly my hair getting thinner

    1. Hi Nagendra. It is a good idea.There is evidence that biotin can help grow and thicken your hair. For your age, the recommended dosage is 30mcg but even in high doses, biotin is thought to be safe. Be sure to check with your doctor for further details.

  42. Hi,
    I am 22. I am taking follihair tablets which contains 10mg biotin along with 40 mg vit c and other amino acids. I take this table every night. But I’m experiencing stomach pain and uneasiness in the it because of the tables? should i decrease the dose?or change the tablet?

    1. Hello Priyanka, stomach pains/abdominal cramps are some of the known side effects of follihair tablets. If you have been observing these side effects for a while, the best option is to consult your doctor immediately. However, reducing or changing the tablets may help to some extent but the surest way is to check with your doctor. If your are taking the tablets for hair loss, remember they will likely work if your hair loss issue has been caused by lack of the vital nutrients follihair comes with.

  43. Hi,
    I have had weak hair from years now, however I saw that it got stronger from past year( just oiling)
    I just started taking Natrol’s biotin tablets two weeks back and I feel like my hairfall has increased, each time I take bath and dry my hair, it falls out.
    Does this happen? Is it a side effect of taking biotin tablets? I am assuming I should stop it.

    Please advise

    1. Hi Shwetha, looking around, there are users reporting hair fall as a side effect. There is not enough information on how it happens but at least it is an effect that has been reported. You should stop and continue with oiling. Can you please share with us what oil(s) you are using?

  44. Can Biotin 5000 cause vulvar itching? I have been using it for almost 2 years and off and on I have those symptoms (more on than off). The label on the bottle said “Not recommended if you are allergic to yeast”. I am not allergic to yeast but there might be a connection with high dose Biotin 5000 and some kind of itching and irritation in the vulvar area that wakes me up from sleep. Tried everything and I am on estradiol cream now to stop the itching thinking that it may be related to menopausal dryness but sometime I am not dry at all. Then I read on some forums that other women had the same problem with Biotin. My nails and hair need help and I hate to give up Biotin. Can you confirm that my symptoms may be associated with Biotin 5000?

    1. Hi Sandy, thanks for your contribution. Quite a number of individuals have reported that biotin for sure causes itching.Remedy? Stop taking biotin! Well, it is feedback based on hearsay…more research is needed to find out the link between this vitamin and itching in the genital area.

  45. am taking adgain cipla tablets frm last 8 months alternate day..i stopped taking it for a month and my hairfall , thinning is observed again nd my trichologist wants still to continue taking des tablets. i want to know whether is it safe to use for any number of years? is that people with hair thinning problem should use these supplements forever ?

    1. Hello KK, I understand how bothersome it can be to keep on taking the Adgain supplements when you really dont feel like. Question, do the capsules have any negative effects other than hair fall? If not you can continue as your trichologist is recommending. As for how long you should be taking the supplements, it depends on what your doctor has prescribed. You can as well contact the manufacturer and find out more details. Adgain cipla tablets are not the only supplements for hair thinning. There are more others out there. Find out which works for you.

  46. hi i am rams i am sufferd hair fall issue .can i take biotin tablet .any side effect and how much mcg can i take per day now am 30 years old and also where can i buy biotin 30 mcg tablets..pls help

    1. Hi Rams. Thank you for stopping by Durablehealth. Yes Biotin can help. The recommended dosage is 30mcg but it is usually safe even high doses. See the side effects here Then on where you can buy it, check it in the local food stores near you or simply buy it online. Amazon is a good online store which includes user reviews and rating.

  47. Hey charl
    So like most of the people here I have bought 10000mcg biotin to improve my hair texture and reduce hairfall.. After buying I read about the recommended dosage (how foolish of me) .. When the recommended dosage is maximum 30mcg why have manufacturers exceeded the dosage to 10000? And if these medicines are having side effects they are still available without prescription. .

    So if I take this capsule like once a week hope it’s safe !!

    1. Hello Prachi, true the recommended dosage is 30mcg. However, biotin is a water-soluble vitamin hence safe even in higher doses. Individuals react to biotin differently. Some do not experience any side effect while for others it is a total disaster. Do your research, consult your doctor and finally test it to see how your body will react to the vitamin. Please remember to come back to share your results

  48. Hello,
    I am a 53 years lady that has been losing her hair for a least 6 years. Had many tests done by physicians (specialists) to see what was wrong with me. Of course all tests show nothing, however my B12 was low, as I could not take it orally my physician is giving B12 shots every month since the past 6 years. I thought that it would stop my hair loss but it did not. I am eating well. All to say that I started taking Biotin 2 times a day at 1,000 mcg each + Multi B vitamins complex that I take twice a day at 500 mcg ( because it’s a all B complex vitamins it seems my stomach is able to take it as oppose of just taking B 12 by itself) therefore it ends up me taking 3,000 mcg a day of Biotin. I was wondering if B5 and Biotin really do not go well together as the B5 remove the effectiveness of the biotin. WHY DO THEY PUT THEM BOTH TOGETHER IN VITAMINS???? I been taking it for about 3 weeks without any results. Maybe now I know why because the B5 removes all of my Biotin……. I notice that my head is really scratchy. I stop taking them both for two days and it stopped. As I am losing so much hair I had to restart them. Maybe there is something in my body that is missing therefore started taking since yesterday Magnesium Glycinate twice a day. I have also just purchase Iron that I will start taking this week. Thank you for taking the time, it is very much appreciated.

  49. Hello I am 48 yr old female recently diagnosed with alopecia arrays. My doctor told me to get biotin 5000 but I accidentally got the 1000 can I take more of the 1000mg to get to 5000mg. Is it safe to do that?

    1. Hello Nina, biotin is usually safe even in high doses. But it is recommended that you stick to your doctor’s instructions.

  50. I’m Koby and I’m 24years I’m esperiencing buildness and I’m now using biotin 600mcg. I want to know how many times should I take it because I take only a day and I don’t know how fast it will restore my hair.
    Secondly can the biotin work for me when my baldness is cause by ginetic factor thanks.

  51. I’m Koby 24years im experiencing baldness I want to know if my baldness is caused by genetic factors ist possible biotin 600mcg can grow my hair back and also how many tablets should I take a day thanks.

  52. Hello, I just got 5 bottles of Biotin (10,000mcg) and I’m 17. I wanna take 2 pills a day instead of 1. Is it safe to do it? Also How well can your vitamin work with weed 🙂 ?

    1. Hello Ricky. 10000mcg sounds too much for you age. The recommended amount for you is 35mcg. However Biotin is generally safe even in high amounts. On how it works with weed, we are not sure. Do remember to check with your doctor for details

    1. Hello Stephie, biotin 35 mcg seems hard to find. Biotin is safe regardless of the amount. You can buy a higher dose and try it. However, remember that Postpartum hair loss is a normal – and temporary

  53. Hi , I just started taking 5000 mcg of biotin . I just bought it like 2 days ago cause my dermotologist recommended me to use it for my hair cause I’ve been having thinning problems on my hair but she didn’t tell me how much dosage I should take so I bought the 5000 one . I’m 18 but like in a few days I’ll turn 19 , I’ve been taking one pill each day but I don’t know if that’s enough or should I take one pill in the morning and one at night .

    1. Hello Monica, for your age, the recommended dosage is 30 mcg. The label should indicate. If your body does not react with it during the first few doses, you can increase as time goes by. Regardless of dosage, biotin is safe. Biotin can be taken at any time.

  54. Hi,
    I am 17 years old, and five months ago I started Spring Valley’s 5000 mcg of biotin, and I just recently finished my first bottle the first weekend of February. I was highly disappointed when I had hardly noticed any results, and I’m eager to find out why. I read a few other articles including this one, and is it true that teens only need around 100 mcg of biotin a day and the rest you just pee out?? If that’s true, that definitely explains why I didn’t see any results! I’ve talked to my doctor about this before and she said it was fine for me to take these. My questions are: why can we only take that little amount?? And since I’m taking 50000, I’m currently taking one in the morning, should I be at night too? Is it possible for me to cut the pills in half to make the right supplement amount? Because these bottles aren’t cheap. Please let me know as soon as possible, thanks!

    1. Hi Janiah, thanks for your contribution. You should not be disappointed. That was a good step towards dealing with your hair loss. At least you know it does not work or it is taking too long. A clear indication that may be you should try something else. It in fact does not work for everyone. First you need to establish what exactly is causing your hair loss. There might be a better solution than biotin. One possible reason for not working: probably the cause of your hair loss requires something else…not exactly biotin. Why is it that too little amount of biotin is recommended? Good question! According to health practitioners, that is what you body can possibly tolerate. Regardless of dosage, biotin is generally thought to be safe and doesn’t cause side effects. You can take biotin at any time.

    1. Hello Ceri, thank for contacting us. Multivitamin(biotin include) taken together with levothyroxine may decrease the effects of levothyroxine. recommends that you should separate the administration by not less than four(4) hours.

  55. I was in a serious car accident about 5 months ago and I have noticed a ton of my hair is falling out. Based on my research it is a fairly common thing to lose hair after a major trauma. Will taking biotin help me get my hair back? Will it be as thick as before?

    1. Hello Hayley, Sorry for what happened. Yes, biotin can help regrow your. There is substantial evidence that it does work.

  56. My BF took 2 pills of biotin witch each are 1000mc and another bran of hair grow that he took 2 pills of does too witch ate 5000 each he says he feels funny and feels like his body wants to shut down his also itchy around his body but his tooken biotin before but not this much …

  57. Hello,
    I’m 46 years old f female, I’ve heard that Biotin is good for hair, skin and nails, I bought a natural biotin made with coconut oil, 5,000 mcg (brand SR Sports Research), non GMO.
    how many pills should I take per day…. or what do you recommend ?
    is it safe to take it with Multivitamin pills (Centrum Advance) ? and the Fish oil pills ?

    1. Adults take 1 veggie liquid softgel daily with a meal or as directed by a healthcare professional. Check more instructions on the label

  58. I recently bought a 10000 mcg bottle , I haven’t thought about the dosage before until now, i already took two pills only for the last two days.
    I was thinking maybe if I break the pill into two halves in order to decrease the dosage and take a half a day instead?
    or should I not take it daily ?
    I haven’t contact my doctor tho,cause i read it was safe to take.

  59. Does biotin cause acne? A friend told me Biotin causes acne but I have yet to find anything that says so. I just started taking a vitamin with 5000mcg of Biotin in it.

  60. I am trying to grow a beard so am take biotin 10000 mcg am i over dosing myself i am 28 years and do u think it will healp with beard growth ?

  61. Good day. I recently started taking apetamin (Cyproheptadine Lysine and Vitamins Syrup) and now I’m about to start taking Swanson Biotin 5000 mcg and I want to know if it’s safe for my body

  62. with congestive heart failure, is it safe to take biotin? my nails are a real problem—I am adult over 60 years of age.

  63. I am 19 year old. I have some skin problems and hair fall problems.i have not full beard. So plz suggest me best tablets with time table.

    1. Hello Vinod. There are hundreds of supplements in the market. Unfortunately what can work best for someone else may not necessarily work for you. People react differently to each of the tablets or supplements. Consult your doctor. He/she is in a better position to recommend what is best for you.

    1. Hello Jennifer, Biotin is known to help grow your nails. For ingrown toe nail you need something else. Biotin may not help.

  64. I’m a 22 year old male who is going bald.
    I’m taking Natrol biotin 5000mg but I was wondering if I could take 2 of those for my hair to grow quicker?

    1. Hello Mark, Biotin is safe even in high doses. But it is recommended that you start small then increase gradually

        1. Yes but it is recommended that you start with a smaller dosage just to check how your body reacts with it. If your body sits well with it then you can increase the dosage.

  65. Doctors recommend mixing it with three tablespoons of honey, peanut butter and then rubbing on the tip of the penis for hair growth.

  66. Hi charl, I’m 42 yr old female and started taking biotin 1000 mcg 2weeks ago for weight loss I’m currently at 77kgs I’ve lost 5lbs since I started. I was wondering if that’s sufficient or can I take 1dose in the morning and another in the evening?

    1. Great you are seeing results just within two weeks. Biotin is usually safe even in how doses. If you have not experienced any bad effect for the two weeks then you can go ahead and take another in the evening.

  67. hi!! I’m taking biotin and multivitamins for hair growth and good health. But recently boils have started to appear on my body and now I’m also taking antibiotics to stop boils.. can I take both medication simultaneously .

  68. I am experiencing shedding not permanent hair loss. All of my hair grows back but I just have long hair with all stages of regrowth. It’s annoying. I am taking 10,000 mcgs and what seems to happen is that my hair is growing back faster than ever but I am still shedding … an alternative would be to cut my hair short but then I have to keep up the haircut. Having long hair that I can put in a ponytail is ideal for me because I can just shampoo and go. I am grateful for no permanent loss but this is frustrating … any ideas or suggestions?

  69. Hi… I am experiencing hair loss. So as the blog suggested 30 mcg a day is fine for adults. I found a B Complex vitamin supplement that has
    Vit C-180 mg, Thiamine-100 mg, Riboflavin-20 mg, Niacinamide-25 mg, Folic acid-400 mcg, B6-5 mg, B12-30 mcg, biotin-45 mcg.
    Would this serve my purpose?
    Also, when 30 mcg is good a day for adults, why are higher doses like 5000 mcg suggested? Are there any extra benefits?

    1. Hello Amy, all the ingredients in the B complex supplement are good for hair growth as long as your body won’t react to them. Higher doses of biotin are suggested because b7 is safe even in high doses. Some users take as high as 10000 mcg. If your system sits well with the high doses then you can ahead and have them.

  70. Susie
    October 4, 2017 7:04 pm
    I am a 65 year old female I have been losing a alarming amount of hair I feel due to Amlodipine a blood pressure med. My doctor let me go off today. I started 5,000 mcg biotin today. Is that the correct dosage?

    1. Hello Susie, the correct dosage is normally indicated on the label. However, biotin is usually safe even in high dosages. It is also important to know that it does not work the same way for everyone. It may work or not work.

    1. Hello Alex, why are taking biotin in the first case? It maybe safe or not safe for you. Individuals react to this supplement differently. Before trying biotin or any other supplement, talk to your parents or guardian and thereafter consult your doctor for further details.

  71. Hi, I’m looking into taking Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails with Biotin for hair loss. I’ve read 30 mcg is the recommended dose for adults and most afults receive this amount in their daily diets. This supplement has 5000 mcg of Biotine (as d-biotin). If there’s no real difference between d-biotin and Biotin, and the directions say take 3 softgels daily (3 softgels equals one serving), couldn’t I just take 1 softgel, 1/3 of the dose for approx. 1500 mcg?
    Thanks in advance

  72. I am a female over 70 and ave been taking biotin for years wit good results. I started with a lower dose and have been curtly taking 10,000 mcg. I read recently that taking biotin within 1 week before a blood test an give false results. Have you any more information on this.

  73. Hello, I’ve recently started taking Finest Nutrition’s Quick Dissolve Biotin in 10,000mcg. I take one tablet daily. My question is will the effect of a quick dissolve tablet be lesser than a regular tablet/soft gel swallowed as a whole? I’m taking it to thicken hair growth. Thank you for your time!

  74. Sir, I got hair transplanted and thereafter I have been taking Biotin+finasteride for the last about six months. Please advise me, if I continue Biotin+Finasteride for another six months or more, would it be safe and beneficial.

    1. Hello Vinay, Biotin is thought safe but everyone reacts to it differently. It may come with some bad effects for some people. Finasteride has common side effects such as loss of libido. Check with your for details.

  75. Hello Sir

    I am taking already zincovit tablest . can i take biotin tablest for my hair it is very thin /hair loss . if yes , how much does i take daily

    Thank u

  76. what is the difference is an intake of 1000 mcg and 2500 mcg? because hair fall is more and when i pluck more than 5-10 hairs coming out everytime. shall i go ahead with 2500mcg?

    1. The difference is the amount. 2500mcg is more. 1500mcg more than 1000mcg. Check on the labeling for details on how much you need to take. But consulting your healthcare practitioner is the best option. Dosage varies from one person to another.

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