Clay Shampoo-Rhassoul & Bentonite (Clay Hair Wash) + Recipes

Clay shampoo, mud or clay hair wash- what is all about? How can you you use either bentonite or rhassoul clay to wash or shampoo your hair? What are the benefits of clay of clay hair wash?Are there recipes on how to make clay shampoo? Read on to find out.

Why Clay Hair Wash?

Personal hygiene goes beyond taking a shower and observing good dressing. In effect, when you take it seriously, it encompasses a host of other many different aspects of cleanliness that contribute to better health in the end. For instance, when you groom your nails, brush your teeth, take care of your skin to mention a few; you are contributing to better personal hygiene. Equally, taking care of your hair counts as a step towards achieving overall good personal hygiene.

Rhassoul & bentonite clay wash shampoo recipe-diy
Washing hair with clay

Different types of hair have varying means that are used in facilitating their good upkeep and proper cleanliness. The length of your hair too has an effect on the methods of choice that can best suit it. For instance, from general practice, when you keep short hair, any oils that you apply on it are more likely to get into contact with the scalp of your head as compared to when you keep longer hair.

There are many chemical products that are commercially available to facilitate the cleaning and proper washing of hair. These products though some may be effective , could have a negative effect on the good health of your hair. For instance, when some unscrupulous manufacturers tilt the chemical balance to reduce the cost of manufacturing the hair cleaning products, the risk is left with you, the consumer.

Due to considerations such as these, there is a growing trend for most people to opt for products which they understand their source and making and can determine whether or not the products are harmful. You may seek to find out these kind of products in the market or the instructions that could be used to create them.

In real sense, when you opt for most naturally occurring products, there is a high likelihood that you can equally learn how to make them. Clay shampoo is one such product. Also termed as clay hair wash, it has been fronted as one possible natural replacement for the commercially available shampoo.

Clay Shampoo-How it works and Benefits

The notion that clay is just a type of soil and can only be used for agricultural based activities is long gone. With the introduction of chemical analytical techniques, researchers have been able to understand the chemical properties of naturally occurring elements such as clay and determine how the can be used to aid in better hair hygiene.

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When bentonite clay is used for the hair, you may need to add other additives which are naturally occurring too such as vinegar to avail the best PH balance for the hair. The clay, when applied serves to clarify the hair product build up. It leads therefore to the removal of synthetic ingredients from the commercial hair care products. This makes your hair cleaner and less oily since the traces of other commercial hair care products are done away with when clay is used.

There are varying clay types that can be used in the preparation of clay hair wash or clay shampoo. Bentonite clay is one typical source of clay shampoo. Rhassoul clay is another type of clay which can also be used in the making of clay shampoo. Either of them, when used in the cleaning of hair, has been credited to remove the unnecessary oils mainly, thereby leading to healthier hair.

Rhassoul clay has the properties that make it serve as a shampoo. For instance, it is moisturizing and since in its natural occurring state it has antimicrobial , antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties, it not only moisturizes but also used to treat dandruff. It can be mixed easily with other naturally occurring elements such as aloe vera to ensure maximum benefits to the hair.

Both these clay based shampoos can be made at home to completion in a way that they further bring down the cost and gives you the chance to determine what are the contents that are in the shampoo.

Rhassoul Clay Shampoo Recipe

Rhassoul is a naturally occurring element. When you want to make your own shampoo using it at home, there are a number of things to factor in. For instance, you may need to acquire the rhassoul clay in its powdered form from a legitimate source. This could be a reliable online store or any other credible and reliable source like local stores.

With the clay at hand, which could equally be made by mixing the powder clay with water. Even the mixture out to a consistency that can be applied easily. The container that you use to do this may have an impact on the results thus it is important to use plastic materials such as plastic bowls for this exercise.

Once the clay has attained the consistency that is hoped for, it is time for you to apply It on the hair. Proceed to fetch the clay mixture and apply it on the hair. It may require gently scrubbing to spread the clay to the relevant parts.

When done, leave the clay on the hair for some time. Some people prefer to let it dry on the hair, but this is not recommended since the removal process may be difficult as the clay will dry and harden. When this is done, proceed to thoroughly clean the hair for its removal.

Bentonite Clay Shampoo Recipe

Bentonite clay is also used in the preparation of a shampoo that can be used in the treatment of hair. In its preparation, you need to ensure that first you have the right clay for use. Verify that the store you buy it from is legitimate and avails genuine clay.

With the clay present, you may have other additives, which will come in handy during the use of the bentonite clay shampoo recipe. The first step is to add the clay in a container and mix it with water until the results has a consistency that is close or similar to yogurt. The most efficient method is to add them little by little such that the consistency is gradually arrived at.

Proceed to use the additives that you intend to use such as apple cedar vinegar. Then aloe vera juice. Where there may be clumps of clay ensure that they are broken down and the mix has the correct consistency for best output. This recipe can be adjusted to meet any changes in the additives hat may be used.

Once done the next step is to apply it on the hair. Subdivide the head such that there are different sections, which can be applied on. Proceed to apply, including on the scalp and let it stay on the hair for some duration, preferably 20 minutes. However, reduce the chances for it drying in the hair as this may make it difficult to remove. Ensure that when done, it is rinsed to the best condition such that it does not leave traces of clay.

DIY Clay Wash

 Clay Shampoo Before & After Results Photos

Instead of just telling about clay shampoo, Heather has made a step further to show the results of clay hair wash before during and after. The results are quit amazing.  According to her, she prefers this mud hair wash on a oily hair.


Have you tried clay shampoo? What kind of feeling did you experience while using it? Please share your experience in the commenting section below. If you haven’t tried it, the time is now…thereafter remember to share your experience.


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