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Bentonite Clay Uses for Internal Detox, Skin Cleanse & Body Wrap

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Bentonite clay uses have been gaining popularity for years now. Did you know you can use Bentonite clay on hair, in ponds, for making wraps, for weight loss and internally for detox and cleansing? Here is a lowdown on Bentonite clay uses. Read on. Calcium Bentonite clay uses range from internal to external, meaning that you can apply the clay for internal body benefits as well as for external skin benefits. The clay has been classified as a healing clay, although some people call it medicinal. Below, you will learn that various therapies, treatments and benefits from the uses of Bentonite clay. From what is Bentonite clay to the uses of calcium Bentonite clay for weight loss, we reveal all the benefits one can get by applying this potent clay in their day to day regimens. So, what is Bentonite clay?

What Is Bentonite Clay?

Bentonite clay is a rock, fine grained in structure and composed of many montmorillonite minerals. According to Wikipedia’s definition of Bentonite clay, Bentonite is “an absorbent aluminium phyllosilicate, essentially impure clay consisting mostly of montmorillonite. The absorbent clay was given the name bentonite by Wilbur C. Knight in 1898…” There is more to what is Bentonite clay since some people name the clay prefixing different names to it basing on the dominant mineral found in the clay. Therefore, Bentonite clay uses are heavily dependent on the dominant mineral found in the clay itself.

  • Sodium Bentonite clay contains sodium in its crystal lattice. Its typical characteristic is swelling about 15 times its size when hydrated.
  • Calcium Bentonite clay uses are the most popular. The crystal lattice of this clay has a lot of calcium in it. Typically, the clay will swell to about two times its size when hydrtated.
  • Aluminum Bentonite clay is the last type, and as the name suggests, it contains more of aluminum than other minerals in its lattice.

With that background information and definition of Bentonite, what is Bentonite clay used for? How can one utilize it for domestic and medicinal use?

What Is Bentonite Clay Used for?

The entire purpose of this page is to list and describe what Bentonite clay is used for. In a summarized list of uses, the mud is utilized as a binder, as a drilling mud, as an absorbent of pet litter, in fish ponds as a ground water barrier. However, most importantly, the clay’s treatment properties make it very useful as a cleanser and detoxifier. It is also used for treating various skin problems and ailments as you will learn shortly below. The benefits of Bentonite clay are quite interesting.

Bentonite Clay Internal Use

Do you know which Bentonite clay to use internally? And what is the internal use of Bentonite clay? Calcium bentonite clay is the most commonly used internally through ingesting. It is known to help with may gut or digestive tract problems. Here are some of the internal uses you should know of.

  • Internal body cleanse whereby the clay attracts toxins accumulating on the gut lining, often making digestion inefficient.
  • Another bentonite clay internal use is to cure acid reflux and stomach bloating arising from constipation.
  • You can also use it internally to treat nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Beware of the possible side effects of bentonite clay before ingesting it. Some people and experts have pointed out mild dangers of consuming the mud, such as nausea and constipation, but they are not serious since they will clear with subsequent cleanses.

Bentonite Clay Uses Hair

So what are the bentonite clay uses for hair? Is the mud of any importance to natural hair? If you have been trying different products for cleansing and conditioning hair but end up disappointed, well, it is time to try a highly potent clay that is touted to have a lot of benefits and uses for hair treatment. Here is what you will use bentonite clay for your hair:

  • Moisturizing hair, which is very good especially for people with curly dry hair.
  • Bentonite clay is used to prevent hair loss
  • The mud is also applied to hair to promote and stimulate faster hair growth

If you are fond of making hair masks, this clay is definitely worth a try. There are plenty of recipes using this clay, which are worth trying for treating and conditioning your hair.


Bentonite clay for hair

Bentonite Clay for Detox and Cleanse Uses

Bentonite clay cleanse and detox are the main uses of the clay to improve one’s health. From the properties of the clay, you can almost tell what it does. The mud is highly attractive to other metals and dirt. Its ability to attract even heavy metals, ions and unwanted compounds makes it of great use for detox and cleansing of the system. Detox can be done internally or externally. In most cases, it is recommended to buy food grade bentonite clay for use in your dotox baths and for using internally. This will help prevent most of the side effects, especially the dangerous ones that may arise from aluminum impurities that are likely to be found in raw mud. Therefore, go to your nearest drugstore for bentonite clay for cleansing and detox.

Uses of Bentonite Clay for Skin

What are the uses of bentonite clay for skin? The skin suffers a lot of irritations everyday due to constant exposure to toxins in the environment. This makes it more in need of detoxification and cleansing, which gets rid of the accumulated toxins that can make it look old and unhealthy. Here are bentonite clay uses for skin:

  • Clay mask on skin soothes irritations
  • Applied to boils, pimples and wounds for faster healing
  • Used for drying up blisters
  • Bentonite clay mask makes the skin look brighter
  • It tones the skin and firms up the skin on the face
  • Bentonite clay reduces lines and wrinkles on the face
  • It helps in exfoliation of dead cells
  • Use it to treat acne and also reduce large pores

To enjoy these benefits of the mask, make a skin cleansing mask at least three times a month. You could also make regular bentonite clay baths for skin detox and treatment of other skin ailments.

Bentonite Clay for Ponds

Its property of swelling almost 15 times its size when hydrated makes sodium bentonite clay useful as a groundwater barrier in ponds. It is applied as a sealant beneath the fish pond to provide a self-sealing low permeability water barrier. Therefore, bentonite clay for ponds is generally for waterproofing and sometimes to prevent the migration of leachate. Note that bentonite clay uses for fish ponds and other farming needs do not require you to buy the food grade clay.

Bentonite Clay Body Wrap for Weight Loss


Bentonite clay body wrap for weight loss

Do bentonite clay uses apply for weight loss? The truth behind this is not very clear, but it is understood that weight loss is sometimes caused by accumulation of toxic substances in the body. With a good detox, you can get rid of those toxins and start contouring your body, losing weight and toning up. So, how is bentonite clay used for weight loss? Bentonite clay body wraps are known to be effective for weight loss. Since it is used for baths and detox as well as cleansing the skin, the clay can be applied while making a body wrap to aid in weight loss. Some people eat the clay, and have reviewed it as a good weight loss medicinal clay.

How to Use Bentonite Clay – Internally & Externally

As you have already seen, there are many health and other uses of calcium bentonite clay. Now it is time to learn how to use bentonite clay safely to avoid any likely side effects that may occur as a result of poor use.

  • Of importance to note is that if you want to use the mud for health benefits, you should get food grade clay. Non-food grade may be used for farming and for pets such as dogs and fishponds.
  • Another important tip on how to use bentonite clay internally is to ensure that you ingest small amounts for detox especially if it is your first time.
  • Never use or prepare bentonite clay on metal surfaces or with metal stirring rods. It reacts with metals and may lose its potency rather fast, making it useless for internal detox or for external use.
  • You can use bentonite clay as often as you want, whether you are a man or a woman, a baby or an adult. Pregnant women can also uses the clay according to BulkHerbsStore.
  • Lastly on the tips on how to use bentonite clay is to treat body odor from inside out, as well as clear digestive tract issues.

Tip: Do you want to buy bentonite clay today? Bentonite Clay from Whole Foods is the place to head to. You can get the mud from other online stores such as Amazon and even drugstores since it has been approved by the FDA as being healthy for human use.

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