Bentonite Clay Capsules-Benefits and Reviews

What are bentonite clay capsules and how are they made? What benefits do these capsules offer? What are the reviews or user opinions or claims on bentonite clay capsules? Read on to find out.

What are Bentonite Clay Capsules?

Bentonite Clay

Clay is a type of soil that occurs naturally in the environment. As a health product, bentonite clay is considered to be a healing clay. Traditionally, healing clays were used by various cultures throughout history to serve as sources of nutrients and body cleansers.

In some cases, they are referred to living clays. A living clay is one considered able to change through bio – transmutation and transformation to interactively exchange some elements and energy.

Living clay is also a catalyst, which assists the body in returning to a state of well-being or achieving and maintaining the state. The clay can help the body balance its alkaline PH among other benefits discussed.

As such, the preparation for the clay to be in a state that the body can consume is considered key. Bentonite clay capsules is one form in which individuals can ingest the clay and derive the benefits. There are various types of bentonite clay. Each type is determined by the ions it contains. For instance, they may be sodium or calcium ions.

Why Bentonite Clay Capsules?

Current trends and lifestyles have led to most people living unhealthy lives. Sometimes this becomes undesirable, causing individuals to look for a means to regain their initial or desired health status. An unhealthy body is susceptible to attacks by various illnesses. In an attempt to regain their health, individuals have tried to find out elements in nature that can aid them in this pursuit.

As a natural element, this is where bentonite capsules come in. The clay capsules are used by some individuals who are seeking to reduce their boost their health for instance by reducing their weight. There are various benefits that have been associated with the use of bentonite clay capsules in reducing or losing weight.

How are Bentonite Clay Capsules Made

Bentonite Clay Capsules[]
Taking any medication in the form of capsules is generally preferred due to the ease of swallowing that they present, especially for individuals who have a hard time swallowing. The preparation of bentonite clay capsules involves a variety of steps.

First and most important is the identification of the source of the clay. The clay identified has to meet the standards that qualify it as a montomorillonite type of clay. With this met, the next step is to mine the clay in a way that does not compromise its quality. As such, this requires use of equipment that are not made of metal.

Use of metals would have an impact on the Ions contained in this clay and may make the clay useless if the ions are neutralized. With the hygiene practices met in the extraction of the clay, the next stage is the preparation of the capsules.

There are various capsules sizes. They are classified as either Size 0 or size 00. Normally a capsule size 0 holds about 400 mg – 800 mg. This also depends on whether it was filled with a tamper and the powder type.

Bentonite clay being a dense powder, the capsule will be closer to 800 mg in one size 0 capsule. On the other hand, if the size 00 capsule is used, it will hold 550 mg to 1,100 mg. The process is the same and it is equally determined by whether or not a tamper is used to fill the capsule as well as the powder used. A normal teaspoon is 5,000 mg in capacity.

Once the capsules are prepared, packaging is the next key issue. As may be deemed necessary, the packaging has to equally meet quality standards such as avoidance of contamination during transportation, tamper proof among others. Once ready, the capsules are be ingested following the guidelines availed by the manufacturer.

Bentonite Clay Capsules Benefits-what are the capsules good for?

When consumed, users have expectations that bentonite clay capsules will lead to various health benefits. This leads us to the query of the value one can derive from the consumption of these clay capsules.

Bentonite clay capsules have been credited to adsorb toxins from body tissues and from the bloodstream. Since bentonite clay carries a strong negative charge, it bonds to positive charges found in toxins.

When taken with water, it is made more effective. According to Dr. Weston A Prince in “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”, traditional cultures dissolved small amounts of clay in water with meals to prevent poisoning from any toxins present. As such, it is good in the removal of toxin from what is ingested.

The Arizona state university in a research titled ‘Broad-spectrum in vitro antibacterial activities of clay minerals against antibiotic-susceptible and antibiotic-resistant bacterial pathogens’ concluded that bentonite clay was effective in killing MRSA, Salmonella, E.Coli and others.

Since it is a swelling clay, bentonite serves to fill the stomach on ingestion, this gives the impression of one being full thereby reducing chances of overeating as one finds themselves satisfied. This property is what is used to lead to loss of weight.

Bentonite Clay Capsules Reviews

What have users said about these clay capsules? With the benefits accrued to the use of the bentonite clay capsules, users have varying opinions or reviews on the capsules usage and performance. For instance, those users with a difficulty in swallowing prefer the less size capsule (size 0) as compared to (size 00).

In addition, the use of the capsules in a drink seems more prevalent. Mixing it with water for easy drinking as well as regular intake of water to avoid constipation is also prevalent. Opinion is divided on the taste with most users indicating that they mask the taste with other inputs. Further, individuals who have had dental challenges such as tooth filling prefer to take the capsule.


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