Bentonite Clay Benefits – Drinking & Mask for Skin Health

Have you heard of Bentonite clay benefits? Here are the health benefits, uses and advantages of Bentonite clay mask, bath for detox and even what you gain when you drink Bentonite mud. Read on to discover how your skin will benefit from this medicinal clay.

Of the many natural treatments available today, Bentonite clay is considered one of the most inexpensive and versatile medicinal mud. With the environment hosting over 80,000 chemicals that are very harmful to the human body, changing a lifestyle to fine-tune it to regular detoxification and natural treatment is in tune.

Bentonite clay health benefits can therefore apply from the head to the toe, as you will learn shortly. From application on hair to internal use of Bentonite clay, here are the benefits broken down into various categories.

Benefits of Bentonite Clay for Skin

Benefits of Bentonite Clay for Skin
Bentonite clay mask for skin allergies,detox and soothing

What are the benefits of Bentonite clay on the skin? Can you use Bentonite clay mask on the face? What will be the effect? Calcium Bentonite clay is commonly used as a face mask to remove blemish marks and to treat the skin of many other problems.

It is for a good reason that Bentonite clay benefits are included in most of the skin care recipes. The skin suffers a lot of strain from toxins and other physical problems, making it age fast. However, if you want to reduce the aging effects caused by environmental agents, apply this clay on your skin. In a nutshell, here are the benefits of Bentonite clay for skin:

  • When applied to the skin, the mud helps get rid of skin allergies that may cause itchiness and sometimes blemishes
  • Use Bentonite clay for skin detox. It slows down aging of the skin by removing age accelerating toxins. As you will learn below, this clay can make the ultimate detox bath.
  • The hydrated Bentonite clay is applied on the skin for external uses. It soothes and heals insect bites, bee stings, achy joints, acne, cuts and bruises. If you have boils and rashes, apply a thick layer of this clay on your skin to heal them fast.

Health Benefits of Bentonite Clay

Are there any health benefits of Bentonite clay? Well, being a mineral clay, you can expect quite a lot of Bentonite clay benefits coming from it. From being able to get rid of food allergies to treating viral infections in the human body systems, the clay continues to add a long list of health benefits and uses to its name.

Although it is far too common in cleansing products and detox diets and preparations, the following are the Bentonite clay benefits worth noting. The mud helps with:

  • Oral health improvement through preparations
  • Healing skin cuts, bites and stings
  • Used as a cure to speed up recovery from diarrhea and vomiting
  • Is a source of healthy minerals to the body, such as calcium, potassium and sodium
  • Bentonite clay is also used for acid reflux and bloating

It is interesting to note that a study done by Arizona State University showed that “…bentonite clay was found to be highly effective at killing MRSA as well as Salmonella, E.Coli and others.” [WellnessMma]. You can therefore enjoy the Bentonite clay benefits internally or externally on skin, especially if you want to get rid of acne and acne spots.

Bentonite Clay Mask Benefits

Bentonite Clay Mask Benefits
Bentonite clay mask for smooth and healthy skin

Masks, especially face masks, are normally a go-to solution when we want to get rid of skin spots, wrinkles, lines and even dull skin. So, what are the Bentonite clay mask benefits for the skin? If you want to get a smooth and healthy skin, you should always apply a paste of Bentonite mud on your face.

Do this at least once in a week in order to maintain a vibrant and youthful, clear-looking skin. Some people use a Bentonite clay mask for treating mastitis. Repeated application, according to most reviews, will clear the infection fast.

To make a quick face mask from calcium Bentonite clay collect the following ingredients:

  • Water, just enough to make a paste; a teaspoon of raw organic honey; a small glass or a plastic bowl (NOT METAL); enough Bentonite clay and a wooden spoon.
  • Procedure for making a beneficial Bentonite clay mask: Mix the water with honey and then follow by adding the calcium Bentonite clay. Mix well to get a good consistency and thickness that you can apply as a mud face mask.

Bentonite Clay Benefits for Hair

Do you want to cleanse your natural hair without having to damage it? Is your hair suffering from poor growth, breakage and even falling strands? Well, these Bentonite clay benefits for hair will be some good news to you. So, here’s how Bentonite mud can be of advantage to your hair:

  • Moisturizing hair
  • Cleaning hair and removing buildup
  • Clarifying hair to make it smooth and silky
  • Preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth

Learn how to make a Bentonite clay hair mask for overnight treatment of dandruff and hair loss. For any man or woman who wants to make a natural hair treatment recipe, this clay is one of the most thumbed-up hair remedies and is worth trying.

Bentonite Clay Bath Benefits

Calcium Bentonite clay bath has many benefits. Not only do the benefits apply to the external skin in contact with the bath, but also with internal organs of the body. Make a clay bath and soak in it for some time. Be careful when preparing the bath since the clay swells when hydrated. A lot of it in your bath can make things a little too muddy for you to get out of it clean. Nonetheless, here are the benefits of taking a clay bath at least twice a week.

  • The clay will treat itchy skin
  • It will detoxify the skin and other organs, which is why it is called a Bentonite clay detox bath.
  • Baths will relax the body and leave you feeling healthier and fresher.
  • The clay will clear most skin infections such as eczema when used in a bath or applied topically.

Benefits of Drinking Bentonite Clay – Hydrated or Liquid Clay

Benefits of Drinking Bentonite Clay – Hydrated or Liquid ClayIt is recommended that you drink calcium Bentonite clay every day in order to maintain good health. This is one of the best ways to get the hydrated Bentonite clay benefits. As we have just seen, liquefied clay is generally good and will even carry health gains for your teeth and skin despite being used or consumed internally.

AboutClay gives a piece of advice about hydrated or liquid Bentonite clay benefits, that “In a world where dietary choices are poor, environmental pollution is heavy, stress levels are high, and exercise is often a last priority, internal cleansing is more important than ever for optimum health.” They go ahead to explain that having the clay in your system is one of the best ways to do the cleansing. So, make it a point to drink a small portion of it everyday.

Any other Bentonite clay benefits? Yes, the list keeps on swelling. The clay is used for oral health. You can use Bentonite clay on teeth as a toothpaste. It will help whiten them. Surprisingly, it is also used as a soothing baby powder, for morning sickness and for sick or ill pets. Go on and try Bentonite clay to enjoy the benefits.

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