Aztec Clay Mask Benefits, Hair, Skin, Recipes, Reviews & Results

Aztec clay mask is a beauty product that has been gaining steady popularity in the recent past. Actually, it is labeled as the world’s most powerful facial. Judging from the huge attention this clay mask is getting, you might be interested to learn more about it. Herein find its ingredients, benefits how to use recipes for hair, acne scars & blackheads spot treatment, body, how often to use, how to remove the mask, reviews, before and after results and in which stores to buy it from.

Aztec Clay Mask Benefits for Hair, Skin, how to use & Ingredients

Be it at home or beauty stores old-fashioned earth mask are a must-have. These masks are simple to use and at least pocket friendly.

They are good for all skin types. They mainly work by soaking up traces of dirty and oil on your skin. In addition, most users find it fun to wear them. What are the ingredients and benefits?

aztec clay mask benefits hair skin face acne recipes and reviews
Aztec clay mask


The ingredients are almost always the same. The core ingredient is the mud itself. In this case, it is calcium bentonite clay. other common ingredients include water and apple cider vinegar(ACV). The clay, water or ACV are the only ingredients required for the basic recipes

Water or ACV?

It entirely depends on an individual’s preference; the difference is that water makes a milder smelling face mask…that is if you care much about the smell of vinegar on your face.

Aztec-Healing-Clay-Apple-Cider-Vinegar ACV & Aztec Clay

However, some users state that the acidity of the vinegar tends to do a better job at softening and gently exfoliating the skin.

There are still more ingredients that can added to the standard ingredients but this depends on what want to use the mask for.

Some of these ingredients are listed below;

  • Honey
  • Essential oils
  • Vitamin C capsules
  • Activated charcoal
  • Herbs

Benefits of Aztec Secret Indian Healing clay mask & how to use

What are the benefits, advantages or pros of using Aztec mud or clay mask? Why would one consider using this clay mask?  Following are the benefits of using Indian secret healing clay mask.

Aztec mud mask absorbs waste such as harmful toxins, oil and dirt out of the body through the skin. The ability to suck waste from the body is where the power of this clay lays. As the packaging states, it is a deep pore cleansing. According to user reviews, it exactly does that. The reviews, some of which you will see shortly, also say that it does it better than any other clay mask they have used before.

The mask stimulates and improves blood circulation. When applied on skin it tightens up your skin creating a pressuring feel on your skin which results to the circulation of blood. Generally, this creates a very calming and good sensation.

The clay mask is known to have a high content of minerals and nutrients. When applied on the skin, the minerals and nutrients are absorbed by the skin itself leaving it nourished and rejuvenated.

The mask acts as moisturizer and gentle softener for your skin.

Aztec mud mask can also be used to manage and treat acne, pimples or blackheads, acne scars, blemishes spots. It has also been used for other treatments including cellulite, eczema and wrinkles.

For hair, this mud mask hydrates, softens, de-frizzes, moisturizes, and does away with dryness, while enhancing curl clumping and shine.

Aztec Clay Mask Recipes Hair

Following are Indian healing clay masks for hair.

Note: Non-metallic materials such as glass, pottery or wooden bowl/mixing spoon are recommended since metallic medium is known to react with the clay minerals hence destroying the effectiveness of the aztec mud mask.

Aztec Clay Hair Mask Recipe #1


Note: The amount of each ingredient will vary with the volume of your hair.

  • Conditioner
  • Aztec Clay
  • Water
  • ACV


  1. Wash your hair with your favorite conditioner.
  2. While the conditioner is on prepare your mask using the standard procedure. Mix the clay and vinegar to a smooth consistency. Ensure that it is an enough amount for your hair length.
  3. Rinse the conditioner out and gently towel blot.
  4. Apply the clay to your hair in small sections until your hair is fully covered.
  5. Let the clay mask sit in your hair till it gets hard. You are likely to feel your scalp tightening.
  6. When you are sure that the clay is dry rinse it until all the clay is out of the hair.
  7. Towel blot, condition and style as usual.

IAztec Clay Hair Mask Recipe #2 


  1. Basic Ingredients (Calcium bentonite clay, water and ACV)
  2. Oils (Castor, sweet almond and coconuts oils)


  1. Wash your hair
  2. In non-metal bowl, add the clay and the oils then mix all the ingredients.
  3. Add the apple cider vinegar and mix further and let it stay for 3-5 minutes
  4. Add water and stir to a fine
  5. Take a handful of the mixture and apply it from the root to the end of hair. Make sure all hair is covered with the mask
  6. Cover your masked hair with a plastic bag and let it stay for while-at least 15 minutes
  7. Wash off the mask with warm water/or shampoo (might require at least w rinses to get rid of the oils)
  8. Condition and style

Aztec Clay Mask Acne Scars & Blackheads Spot Treatment

Using an Aztec clay mask for acne will help your skin to unblock its sebaceous glands which leads to acne, disinfect the pores which will kill the acne-causing bacteria that loves sebum build-up, and help to dry out and heal up whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, and other types of blemishes.

Aztec Mud Mask Recipe for Acne, scars, spots/blemishes treatment

  1. Mix equal parts of Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay with apple cider vinegar.
  2. Add five drops of tea tree Oil and continue mixing to a smooth consistency.
  3. Apply to skin and allow to dry for 20 -30 minutes.
  4. Rinse well with warm water and apply Tea Tree Oil directly to blemish.

Aztec Clay Honey Mask Recipe for skin

All you need is mix equal parts Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay with apple cider vinegar then add one tablespoon raw honey.

Apply to skin, allow the makeup dry for about 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Cleopatra, the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt is said to have used a similar clay mask in her beauty ritual. 

Aztec Clay Face Mask-Ingredients, Instructions/Directions

Aztec Clay Face Mask
Clay Face Mask

When it comes to beauty, most individuals especially ladies would consider the face as one the most crucial part of their of their body. It is basically why Aztec face mask is of such a concern in this case.  As you have noticed, creating Aztec makeup at home is a simple process. It is a DIY homemade beauty creation that anyone can come up with.

How to Use Aztec Face Mask

As we seen above, all you need for the Aztec makeup is the Indian clay, water or apple cider vinegar and a medium in which you will create the mixture. Non-metallic material such as glass, pottery or wooden bowl is recommended since metallic medium is known to react with the clay minerals hence destroying the effectiveness of the aztec mud mask.

When all the ingredients are in place, pour the clay into the bowl then add equal parts of water or vinegar. Stir the mixture until it is a smooth paste. You may add water or the clay as required. You now have the Aztec mud mask ready.

To apply the Aztec face mask, you can use your fingers or a brush to create a 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick layer of the clay on your face and then let it dry. Drying duration vary.The recommended time for a delicate skin is 5 minutes and 15-20 minutes for a normal skin. Some say that they live the mask for over 40 minutes though this could mean that they are applying a thicker layer of the clay mask.

After applying the mask you will experience a pulling and tightening sensation.

Finally, after it has dried wash it off with warm water and that’s all. Some beauty experts suggest you do not wait until it dries completely especially if you have a sensitive skin. Details coming up shortly

Aztec Clay Mask for Body-Relaxing & External uses

You can use this mask as a full body bath. All you need is the clay but in this case, it will be a huge amount. Mix it with water and apply it all over your body. Leave it until it starts to harden and the wash it off with warm water

Relaxing Aztec Mud Mask Recipe

Mix equal parts of the healing clay with equal mixture of apple cider vinegar and distilled water (for instance: 2 table spoon clay, with 1 table spoon vinegar and 1 table spoon water)

Add 5 to 10 drops of your favorite aromatherapy or calming blended oil to the mixture. Apply to face, and then let it the mask dry while relaxing in the tub for ten or more minutes. Rinse well with warm water.

Aztec Compress Recipe for External Use

To prepare Aztec compress mask, simply combine the clay with water and mix it until it has the consistency of mud. Once the solution has been mixed, simply apply it to the area that is in pain.

Tip: Use a moisturizer to reduce the drying effect of the mask.

Aztec Clay Mask Everyday/Overnight-How often to use?

Can you use this healing clay mask on a daily basis? How often to use Aztec clay depends on personal preferences. If you have enough time to use it daily especially for relaxation, then you can go ahead and have with it. Most users prefer it for 1 to twice a week.

Can you leave the mask overnight? It won’t stay that long on skin or hair. In most cases it will dry off in couple of minutes not even enough to make an hour.

How to Remove Aztec Clay Mask-Should you wait the mask to Dry Completely?

Removal of the clay, as mentioned earlier, requires warm water. All you need is to wash it off with a couple rinses. The amount of water and number or rinse will depend on the thickness of the mask plus the ingredients included. If you have oils in your recipe then you will require more rinses. . You can also use a shampoo if it on hair.

When should remove-Should you wait until the clay mask dries up completely?

Many who have used this clay will agree that waiting until the mask dries up and then watching it crack and flake is real amusement.

According to Sharon McGlinchey, a facialist and the founder of MV Organic Skincare, a line of organic skin-care products created for individuals who have high skin sensitivities, you should not wait until the mask is completely dry.

She explains that a mud mask works in three stages

  1. Damp stage– You skin absorbs the beneficial minerals from the mask
  2. Start of the dry stage– It acts on the capillaries which enhances blood flow as the mask cools and contracts. At this phase, the mask starts to dry turning light in color and it is slightly sticky
  3. Dry Stage– At this phase the mud is drying, cracking etc. It draws out moisture from the surface of your skin which result to dehydration, irritation and itchiness.

According to Sharon, adding a cream to reduce the drying effects means smothering your freshly cleansed skin. Never should you wait till it dries completely. The best time is at the second phase.

Note that the above suggestion applies if you a highly sensitive skin. It is also suits you if you have a very dry skin. A couple of recipes from all around the web recommend that you let dry…it all depends on what works for you.

Aztec Clay Mask Reviews for Hair, Skin, Face, Acne

What are users saying about Aztec clay mask? Does the mask work? Does it improve your skin appearance and your hair?

Basing on reviews and ratings from various online platforms, Aztec clay mask seems to work as expected.


On Amazon one of the most online store, the mask has over 11,000 customer reviews. Over 70 % have given it 5 stars. See screenshot below.

Aztec clay mask Amazon customer reviews and rating
Amazon reviews

Here top reviews from verified purchases

Softer and clearer skin from the first use

This stuff is amazing. I have been battling with hormonal acne and trying every OTC remedy I could get my hands on, and this is the first thing that’s made a noticeable…”

I’ve been using this for about 2wks along with my daily face wash routine and it is showing me what it can do baby!!! Got me looking pretty clear than I started!

For those with critical review they say that they did not significant changes after using the mask.

They say that after using the mask their skin felt itchy and turned red and burning. Some also report breakout


On Makeupalley 87 percent of user would the recommend this mask

Below is a screenshot of reviews and ratings

reviews rating aztec indian healing clay mask
Makeupalley ratings-aztec mask

Here a Reviews from some of the users

Wow!! Just WOW!! This stuff is magical! I use it once a week and a few days right before that time of the month to prevent breakouts. I recommend this to everyone! I mix it with Apple cider vinegar instead of water. the price is amazing and it lasts forever!!”

Negative reviews on makeupalley talk of skin reddening and pore clogging that leads to breakouts.

“I really had high expectations after reading all the good reviews about this product. I’ve mixed it with ACV and water but it just doesn’t do anything for my skin.” 


On iHerb, 66% of user would recommend this mud mask. Over 340 users out 515 have given it a 5-star rating.

aztec mask reviews rating iherb customers
Iherb reviews and rating

I mixed the clay with apple cider vinegar, left it on for 10-15 minutes, and took it off in the shower. It was pretty easy to get the clay off. The clay turned my face into a statue when it was on, and I could feel some of the pulling sensation. After I took it off my face was super smooth, it got rid of a lot of dead skin, and my face/acne looked better the next day 🙂

Out of 11 user reviews at, 70 users have given this clay mask a 5-star rating.

Aztec clay mask Reviews and rating
Reviews and rating

So I just have to say, I love this stuff. My skin is so soft and it helps pimples reduce significantly…it closes and cleanses pores” user at

user review acne org
user review acne org


Aztec Clay Mask Before and After Results Pictures

Hair Mask

Aztec for hair beforead after pictures
Hair mask before and after


aztec clay mask for hair before and after
Hair before and after

Acne, Scars and spots and blemishes before and after photos

aztec clay mask acne pimples spots scars before and after
Before and after


Indian healing clay mask acne treatment before and after
Before and after


aztec clay mask for face before and after photos
Before and after

Aztec Clay Mask in Stores, Where to Buy

If you wondering where to buy Aztec Indian Healing Clay mask, there are plenty of options available.

First place to check is the local food stores around you.

If you cannot find it in your local area, you can purchase it from online stores. Some of the most popular stores you get it from include;

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Whole foods
  • CVS
  • Vitamin Shoppe
  • Sprouts

Aztec clay mask is beauty product you should definitely try out. Well, what is your story? Have you tried Aztec makeup, mud or clay mask? Please feel free to share your experience in our commenting section below.


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