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Valerian Root Uses – What is Valerian Used for? Depression, Headaches & Muscle Pain

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Valerian root uses range from sleeping, treating anxiety and depression to relaxing muscles and getting rid of stomach cramps. Other than being used for headaches, other valerian root medicinal uses include treatment of ADHD, epilepsy, fatigue and mild tremors. We will answer the following in this article:

  • What is valerian root?
  • What Is Valerian Root Used for?
  • What is valerian root extract used for?
  • Are valerian root uses applied for depression?
  • How does valerian pills and extracts work as muscle relaxants?

There are many health benefits associated with valerian root extract. The root extract comes in the form of powder, pills and various other forms. You can prepare this root at home for herbal medicinal uses. The herb is also called Valériane Officinale and is very popular for the treatment of insomnia or sleeping disorders. But is that all?

What Is Valerian Root Used for?

What is valerian root extract used for? If you have seen this herb, then you definitely know that it smells like stinky feet, but behind this absurd disguise is a promise of many uses that you may find really important, especially if you have some health conditions that may need medical attention that the herb provides.

What is valerian root used for in Europe? In various countries and sometimes continents, the root extract is applied for different uses. For centuries, Asia and Europe have applied this root as a sedative that improves the quality of sleep.

Among the Greeks, the root has been applied over the years as a treatment for digestive problems. There are herbal supplements including tablets, valerian root tea, capsules, liquid extracts and many more forms of this root. See the medicinal uses of valerian root below.

Uses for Valerian Root – Medicinal Uses

What are the medicinal uses for valerian root? Neuropaths, chiropractors and herbalists not only recommend but also administer valerian root extract to relieve many health conditions. The medicinal properties it has have been used to treat many conditions relating to psychological stress, anxiety and depression.

Of importance and worth noting is the medicinal use of valerian for convulsions and lack of sleep. Being a strong sedative, a valerian root pill is said to have the same effect as a “sugar pill” which is why it is normally applied as a medicinal extract for insomnia treatment.

Valerian Root for Depression Treatment

Valerian Root for Depression Treatment

Valerian root can be used to treat depression

Does valerian root work for depression? Antidepressants are medications that are used to treat depression symptoms. But, do valerian root uses indicate that the herb has antidepressant properties? If you suffer from loss of energy, anxiety, difficulty in concentration and fatigue, you could be showing signs of depression. These normally point to hopelessness and can lead to loss of appetite and feelings of worthlessness.

Some health practitioners deploy valerian root uses in the treatment of depression and its symptoms. Although there are recipes for valerian root for anxiety and depression as a home remedy or herbal remedy, it is important to see a doctor for a correct prescription of this herbal remedy for depression treatment.

Valerian Root Headache and Migraines Relief

Does valerian root cause headaches? Are headaches and migraines side effects of using valerian root extract? Or is treating headaches and migraines one of the valerian root uses? There are quite many aspects that show confusion on whether this extract is used for treating headaches or if it cause headaches, as one of its side effects.

According to on valerian, “Scientists and researchers are not sure how Valerian works to ease migraine symptoms in some sufferers.” However, the website indicates that one of the uses and benefits of using valerian is that it helps with headache and migraine relief.

Valerian Root Muscle Relaxer Uses

Valerian Root Muscle Relaxer Uses

Valerian Root can be used as Muscle Relaxer

Valerian root muscle relaxer properties are commonly found in the pills. Most people who suffer from muscle strains such as cramps take the pills to help relax the muscles and soothe them to do away with pain.

Valerian root extract has been referred to as “nature’s valium,” this herbal root does not pose the danger of addiction as it is common with most other muscle relaxers. When using valerian root muscle relaxer, ensure that you do not exceed 15 grams a day. The dosage instructions have to be followed carefully to prevent any unprecedented side effects of using the valerian root pills for their benefits.

So, why is valerian root muscle relaxer applied as a treatment? Does it have any medicinal benefits that make it a potent relaxant? The Indian and Mexican varieties of valerian root are highly potent with chemical substances called valepotriates. These are said to have medicinal or pharmacological properties that make it to be used as an analgesic.

When you apply valerian root uses as a muscle relaxant, the medicinal compounds in the plat work on your nervous system directly, making it a natural pain reliever. According to a research by the Aga Khan University Medical College, “Valerian root extract significantly reduced the tension and spasming of digestive muscles.”

Other Valerian Root Uses – Stomach Ache & Cramps Treatment

Conditions that mostly affect the cardiovascuclar muscles and especially the digestive muscles normally result in either stomach aches or unexplained cramps. Researchers have found that the antispasmodic action of the valerian root extract works well via the potassium channels on the cells, which makes it a good remedy for cramps and stomach ache treatment.

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