Valerian Root Reviews – Extract Tea for Sleep, Anxiety Reviews

Valerian root reviews reveal the success and side effects of using this medicinal herb in treating many ailments including social anxiety, sleep disorders and depression. Here are reviews of valerian root for sleep, valerian root for dogs reviews, tea review and even brands such as Radiance review.

Valerian Root Reviews – Extract Tea for Sleep, Anxiety Reviews
Valerian Root Reviews

Valerian root extract is a natural home remedy normally used as a sleeping aid. According to many opinions, it is strong enough to help you relax and at the same time mild enough to keep you feeling invigorated the following day.

Most user comments and reviews of valerian root tea, extracts, pills and other supplements say that it works well to treat the various ailments when used in as intended – in the right dosage. There are three different ways of applying this home remedy for insomnia, anxiety and depression. These are:

  • Tincture
  • Pills or tablets or capsules of valerian
  • Valerian root tea

So, which one of these is the best method to take the herbal remedy? According to many user comments and reviews, different methods are best for different purposes. For instance, valerian root tea is reviewed as a good remedy for mild anxiety, tiredness and lack of sleep. Below, we have collected some of the best valerian root reviews to help you understand what to expect when you take its tea, capsules or pills.

Valerian Root for Anxiety Reviews

Social anxiety can be embarrassing. Valerian root for anxiety reviews show that most people who suffer from the problem of nervousness and anxiety get to calm down fast and easily when they take the right dose of the herbal remedy.

This herb has a relaxing effect on the nervous system. Therefore, when you take it, it will calm you down and promote relaxation. This remedy is good for people who lead a hectic lifestyle that makes them anxious most of the time, or those young adults who have a problem of social anxiety. So, what do reviews of valerian uses for anxiety say?

  • It takes time to build in your system. Once it is a regular part of your day your anxiety is calmed.” []
  • This works very well, helps with anxiety the following day also. I would recommend using on an “as needed” basis because I starting building a tolerance after a while.” []

Valerian Root for Sleep Reviews

Valerian Root for Sleep Reviews
Valerian root for sleep disorders

One of the primary uses of this medicinal herb is to help sleeping disorders. If you have a problem sleeping at night, valerian root for sleep reviews will help you find a possible home remedy that will sedate you to sleep soundly.

  • Did You Know: About 65 million people in the United States alone suffer from insomnia every year!

Valerian has compounds that are sedative in nature. It is therefore recommended for people with insomnia or mild sleep disorders. The root can relax muscles and the whole body, helping you sleep soundly and effectively.

Most valerian root for sleep profiles recommend using this as a home remedy for insomnia and other symptoms of sleep disorders. One remarkable comment by Sylvia Anderson of Insider Health goes:

  • Valerian Root does not have the troublesome side effects that accompany the majority of over-the-counter and prescription sleep aids.”

Radiance Valerian Root Reviews

Radiance valerian root is one of the brands of the herb, also called Calming Valerian Complex because it contains other ingredients such as vitamin C for detox. It also contains Vegetable Cellulose according to its profile and many radiance valerian root reviews.

At CVS, radiance valerian calming complex costs about $5. I found only one review on CVS, which is not from a so-happy customer who complains in his title, “this product does not do nothing.”

Valerian Root Tea Reviews

Valerian root tea Reviews
Valerian root tea Reviews

Valerian root tea has anxiolytic and sedative effects. According to Wikipedia it was used as early as the sixteenth century where “the Anabaptist reformer Pilgram Marpeck prescribed valerian tea for a sick woman.” Then, the medicinal properties of the root extract had been discovered although there were no capsules or tablets developed.

Alvita Organic Valerian Root Tea is one of the commonly used brands of valerian tea bags. There are many customer recommendations for this brand of tea and its recipe.

  • A customer on eVitamins recommends the tea in her review, saying, “I purchased the tea and have been using it for almost a month now. I love the tea and enjoy my nightly cup. It does help me to relax and that is a plus in my book!
  • Valerian Root Tea is a great anxiety and stress relieving tea. I have two boxes ready for any panic attack I might get. The taste for this tea might have to be acquired, but the benefits are well worth it.” [SallyRose – eVitamins]

Across the web, valerian root tea is very popular, and its reviews and recommendations are overwhelming. However, it is important to note that a few negative reviews of the tea may indicate side effects especially when a user consumed the tea for prolonged periods, or took too much of the tea in one session. See our article on possible side effects for taking too much valerian root tea.

Valerian Root Extract Reviews

Is valerian root liquid extract more effective? What do valerian root extract reviews say? Extracts are simply more refined and more concentrated forms of the herb compared to when you take it raw or unprocessed.

So, which one is effective? According to reviews, it is easy to determine the amount of the valerian root you will be taking when you go for extracts. In a nutshell, the advantage of the extract is that you will be able to control your valerian root dosage easily compared to when you make raw valerian root tea without any measure or dosage. It is easier to prevent an overdose, which may come with undesirable side effects.

Valerian Root for Dogs Reviews

Valerian Root for Dogs Reviews
Valerian Root for Dogs

Valerian root is normally recommended as an herbal remedy for dogs, cats, horses, and other pets. Being a relaxant, you expect it to help your dog and other pets to relax especially if they are suffering from anxiety, such as pet separation anxiety.

Dorwest Scullcap & Valerian Tablets for Dogs and Cats are some of the commercial pills containing this herbal treatment that you can give your dogs and other pets to help them calm down, especially if they are suffering from excitability.

Some people who have used Sundown Valerian Root 530 mg commented on Amazon saying that they can also use them for their pets – dogs specifically.

  • The hidden benefits is that I use it for my dogs!” [Amazon Review]
  • “…calm and relax dogs and cats suffering from excitability, apprehension, hyperactivity and phobias, such as those from fireworks, thunderstorms or gunfire.” []

Therefore, if you have dogs suffering from epilepsy, travel anxiety, nervousness and extreme anxiety, these valerian root for dogs reviews should help you try it as a remedy for calming your pet.

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