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Valerian Root Dosage – Right Dose for Anxiety, Sleep & Dogs

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What is the right valerian root dosage? How much valerian root extract should one take? What is the right valerian root dosage for sleep, anxiety and depression? How many mg of pills and tablets should one take, or add in valerian root tea? Here’s a determination of the correct dosage of valerian root extract. Valerian root is used for different purposes. It is a potent herb that dates some centuries back, having been used by our ancestors as an herbal medication for different ailments such as social anxiety, depression, lack of sleep (insomnia) etc. Valeriana officinalis, a flowering plant that originates from some sections of Asia and native Europe, is commonly used in three different forms. Today, you will find valerian root doses in the form of tincture, capsules or pills and dried roots. Valerian root dosage will depend on each of these forms, and the reason for taking it. What are you trying to treat? That is the question that you should ask yourself when finding the right dose of valerian extract.

Valerian Root Dosage for Anxiety Treatment

Valerian Root Dosage for Anxiety Treatment

valerian root has been used as a home remedy for anxiety

What is the right valerian root dosage for anxiety? People suffering from anxiety may show symptoms of restlessness, lack of sleep at some point during the night, sweat, nausea etc. if you suffer from social anxiety, sometimes called social phobia, you may exhibit symptoms such as dizziness, hot flashes and sweating, a racing heart, stomach butterflies, blushing or a red face etc. When this is the case, valerian root has been used as a home remedy for anxiety. But just what amount or how much valerian root extract should you take to treat anxiety? Different sources may give different dose recommendations for valerian to treat anxiety. However, note the following:

  • The valerian root dosage for anxiety is normally decided by considering the patient’s condition.
  • There is not such standard measure or what may be termed as the right dose to take to treat or relieve anxiety.
  • If you are consuming tablets, capsules or pills of valerian extract, your daily dosage is likely to be between 300 mg and 500 mg according to some sources.

Valerian root tea dosage is also good for treating insomnia and anxiety, but you might take just a cup or two a day for anxiety. In brief, the whole question of the right dose of valerian root does not have a straight answer. If you suffer from anxiety and are looking for a treatment, try small doses as you increase until you find the right dose for your condition.

Valerian Root Dosage Sleep or Insomnia

What is the right valerian root dosage for insomnia? Does valerian help sleep disorders? Suffering from insomnia can cause poor productivity during the day. People who do not get enough continuous sleep during the night might suffer from bouts of lack of concentration, fatigue and tiredness during the day. With the right valerian root dosage for sleep, you can have enough sleep and improve your health.

Valerian Root Dosage Sleep or Insomnia

Valerian extracts CAN treat symptoms of insomnia

and help patients sleep soundly. If you suffer from symptoms such as the following, you may take a good dose of valerian root to help cure them and get quality sleep.

  • Staying awake for long bouts during the night, despite lying on the bed
  • Feeling tired even after some sleep
  • Irritability
  • Inability to concentrate and function properly during the day
  • Difficulty going back to sleep when you wake up during the night
  • Intermittent sleep pattern

With any of these symptoms, you are definitely suffering from insomnia. The right dosage of valerian root, you can alleviate these symptoms. According to LiveStrong, “People who struggle with insomnia can take between 400 milligrams and 900 milligrams valerian root extract daily.” However, it is advised that you do not consume this herbal medication for 28 back to back days.

Valerian Root Pills Dosage – Extract Capsules & Tablets

Valerian-Root-Pills-Dosage-Extract-Capsules-TabletsMost people prefer going for a valerian root capsules dosage. The reason for this is that the capsules, pills or tablets are fast acting and produce the best results for anxiety, depression and other ailments that the root is used to treat. So, what is the right dosage when you are taking pills, tablets and capsules? There is not so much uniformity on the right dosage when taking capsules, pills and tablets of valerian root. Since they act fast and more effectively, most people rely on experimenting to find the right valerian root extract dosage. For adults, taking slightly above 500 mg is fine. However, start with small amounts slightly below 300 mg as you find the right valerian root pills dosage for your specific problem of insomnia, anxiety or depression.

Valerian Root Dosage for Dogs

alVian Root Dosage for Dogs

valerian Root Dosage for Dogs

How much valerian root should I give my dog? What is the right valerian root dosage for dogs and pets with anxiety? It is a fact that the right dosage for dogs may take the pattern of that of human beings in the correct ratios. The right dosage for young pets and adult pets is not the same. Since valerian root is a safe and one of the effective herbs used to treat dog anxiety, you should ensure that you give the right dose to your pet to avoid side effects that may be undesirable. “Dosages of 3mg can be used for dogs up to 50lbs: []. The same website advises the following: “Valerian can be dosed at 4mg/lb for use with anxiety problems in the powder form, or 1/4 human dose for small dogs, 1/2 dose for medium, and full dose for large dogs when using the liquid tincture.” Always follow the label instructions when treating your dog. If you are not sure, your vet should be able to guide you on the right dosage of valerian for dogs with separation anxiety.

Valerian Root High Dose in Mg

Most medicine doses are given in Mg or milligrams. The right valerian root dose in mg depends on the purpose of using it, and several other factors such as weight in dogs, age in human beings and so on. Therefore, it is important to see your doctor or read the prescription label to determine the valerian root high dosage in mg. Generally, a higher dose would be approximately 900 mg, which is then considered harmful and dangerous. It might trigger some side effects that may need serious medical attention. Though it is a home remedy for sleeping disorders and anxiety, ensure you are on the right valerian root dosage.

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