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Valerian Root Benefits – Tea and Capsules Health Benefits

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What valerian root benefits make it one of the most popular medicinal herbs today? There are valerian root tea benefits as well as advantages of taking valerian capsules. Let’s find out the health benefits of valerian root for sleep, anxiety, depression, headaches and other beneficial uses.

What is valerian root? Why does it have health benefits? What makes it a potent herb that has sedative and therapeutic effects? We will start with a few quick facts about this herb to help you understand how the health benefits are derived from its root extract.

Valerian is one of the less common herbs of Europe that is sold as a dietary supplement in many countries, including the United States. The benefits of valerian root extracts are derived mostly from its use in most products that are marketed and sold as sedatives. As you will see below, it is used mainly as a sleep aid for people with insomnia.

Although the herb is widely used for treating insomnia, scientific and clinical research is yet to prove with evidence of its efficacy as a viable medicine for people with sleeping disorders. However, tests have shown that the root extract has sedative effects in laboratory-tested animals. This has contributed to it being used by humans regardless of the few side effects it has. So, what are the benefits of valerian root?

Benefits of Valerian Root for Humans

 valerian root benefits for humans

Valerian root

According to most historical fact-sheets, valerian root benefits have been enjoyed by people for a long time. It has been used in different continents for various differing utilities. Since ancient Rome and Greece, valerian has been used for its therapeutic benefits, especially by Hippocrates during the second century.

  • During the second century, valerian was discovered to have benefits that treated nervousness, headaches, trembling and heart palpitations.
  • England discovered the valerian root benefits in relieving stress during World War II, when soldiers seemingly became stressed over overhead air raids.
  • Another notable medicinal use and benefit of valerian root is its ability to work as a stimulant.

These are not all. Many websites documenting the profile of the herb and the valerian roots benefits indicate that there are not scientific studies proving its benefits and uses, but it is also used for epileptic seizures, distress, gastrointestinal spasms, ADHD and many other disorders.

Valerian Root Tea Benefits

Valerian Root Tea Benefits

Valerian root tea benefits

If you do not like pills, then you can treat some health problems using valerian root tea. Preparing valerian root tea is said to have many benefits as most people boast of it as one of the best all-natural remedy for many maladies, including the ones listed above.

Basically, valerian root tea benefits originate from its ability to soothe and relax the body fast. Other than that, there are other health benefits of valerian tea that you can derive from making this tea. Some of the these are discussed in the section below. But first things first, what are the benefits of valerian root tea?

  • Valerian root tea works as a digestive aid. If you have symptoms of indigestion, the tea will help you ease them, thanks to its power to relax gastrointestinal muscles.
  • Do you have a problem catching sleep? Reviews of valerian root benefits have shown that taking a cup of this tea will help you sleep with ease and soundly.
  • For people who suffer from irritability and muscle tensions, it is advisable that you make and take a cup of this tea to help yourself relax.
  • The tea is also good for combating other problems such as headaches and migraines.

Health Benefits of Valerian Root

What are the valerian root health benefits? Is it used as a medicine for healing certain conditions? As we have noted throughout this article, it is worth noting that the herb has medicinal benefits, which can also translate to health benefits.

Taking the herb in the form of tea or capsules can help you improve your health in one way or another. But, before you try out the valerian root benefits, it is important to note that the herb interacts with alcohol, some psychotropic drugs and narcotics. Some antihistamines too. Therefore, do not apply it as one of your dietary components if you are at any risk.

Valerian root extracts are used to treat the following:

Anxiety, depression, stress Stomach problems Dry skin
Insomnia Muscle cramps, spasms & pain Hysteria, irritability
Headaches, migraines Menstrual cramps ADHD
Benefits of Valerian Root Capsules

Valerian Root Capsules

Health benefits of Valerian Root Capsules

Are capsules any better than other forms of this root? Well, taking the supplement in the form of refined capsules is said to have better results and fast action. If you are looking for a quick relaxing effect on your nervous system, take tablets or capsules such as those of Nature’s Way Valerian Root to tranquilize your body.

Most of the recommended capsules are taken about an hour before bedtime for individuals who suffer the tears of hectic lifestyles and heavy work. These capsules will help you relax fast and get sound sleep. Now that you know valerian root benefits, go ahead and try it – safely!

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