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Niacin Detox- THC, Pills, Drug Test, Dosage & Best Detox

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What is niacin? Does Niacin detox work? In this article, learn more about niacin, how it works and whether or not it will help you pass a THC drug test. Also find out which niacin is the best for detox and what dosage should it be used.

What is niacin? According to, niacin also called nicotinic acid is a water soluble B vitamin that occurs naturally in plants and animals. It is also present in vitamin and nutritional supplements. It is used to treat and prevent niacin deficiency and lower cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. It also opens up blood vessels (vasodilation) and it is for this reason that it is used for detoxification.

Niacin Detox-How Does It Work?

How does niacin work? Does niacin really detox the body? Niacin detoxifies the body by opening up small blood vessels (capillaries) and increasing blood flow. Capillaries are the closest to fat tissues. Toxins will usually build up in fatty tissues where larger vessels do not reach. Increased blood allows for the toxins to be processed and flushed out of the body.

Most naturopaths will recommend incorporating proper diet and brief exercises to enhance heart rate and speed up its distribution throughout the body. It is also recommended that you take lots of water- up to 4 liters within 6 hours. Niacin detoxifies the body through sweating and increased urination.

What is the niacin flush?

While niacin opens up blood vessels, it makes blood rush or flow quickly to the surface of the skin. It is a temporary reaction that makes the skin to appear warm and blushed. With increased blood flow the cells are also sensitized to release histamines. This hormone signals the body to produce more blood. The increased presence of histamines may cause itching which is a common side effect of niacin detox programs.


Niacin Chemical Structure

Niacin THC Detox

According to, THC is tetrahyrocannabiol, the chemical compound found in cannabis and it is responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects. THC is stored in the adipose tissue. While there is still no scientific evidence, high doses of niacin have been used to cleanse THC out of the blood. It aids the body to get rid of THC through the urinary tract.

It has been noted over the years that niacin THC detox is used in excess making it a controversial detox method. It is important to note that hepatotoxicity is rare but if taken over a long period of time niacin can cause liver injury- people with liver damage should not use niacin for THC detox.

It is important to note that taking high doses of niacin to flush out THC can be dangerous. It may lead to side effects such as flushing, itching and skin rashes. Adverse reactions that are associated with using a niacin THC detox include: nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps and diarrhea.

Other than taking these supplements, to effectively flush out your body of THC, incorporate, proper diet and exercise into your program. Also, take lots of clean water to aid your body in flushing out toxins.

Note that niacinamide, another form of niacin should not be taken while on a detox program as it is designed to do the exact opposite by preventing vaso-dilation.

Niacin Detox Pills

Niacin detox pills are available by prescription in 50mg- 500mg tablets or capsules. The recommended therapeutic daily dose is 100mg taken three times daily up to a maximum of 1000mg daily.

Niacin detox pills are available in two safe forms:

Immediate release where the niacin in each tablet is released immediately- it usually triggers a hot flush (a warm itchy feeling on the skin). When using these pills, it is best to start at a lower dose of 250mg and gradually increase the dose to achieve the desired amount. Immediate release niacin should not be taken more than twice a day.

Extended release niacin capsules are available at 125mg-1000mg and are usually taken in a dose of 500mg at bedtime up to a maximum of 2000mg per day. Side effects are commonly experienced with doses that exceed 1000mg per day.

Niacin Detox Drug Test

Some people take niacin supplements in an effort to mask drug tests. It is important to note that even with lots of info on the internet, there is no scientific proof for this claim.

Niacin should by no means be used for instant detox. Using niacin detox to pass a drug test may not always work. Proper dosage should be taken to avoid any unpleasant effects. It should be used up to 24 hours before a drug test. Within this period, you should not take any more drugs as this will increase the risk of failing the test.

While some say that niacin helped them to pass a drug test, most people think that this is just a scam and it is no way a safe alternative.

According to, while there is a lot of information online that suggests niacin can be used to foil a drug test, there is no scientific evidence that indicates that taking niacin can help you to pass a urine drug test.

Niacin Dosage for Detox

The recommended daily dietary intake of niacin is 14-16 mg. Due to the controversy surrounding niacin for detox, there are no standard doses of niacin for detox. While some recommend taking 500mg- 2500mg of niacin for detox, the CDC warns that taking large doses of niacin may lead to unwanted side effects. Most naturopaths recommend a starting dose of 50mg.

Niacin should not be taken on an empty stomach to avoid flushes. High doses of niacin should only be taken under close supervision.

Which Niacin is best for Detox?

Of the three, the best niacin for detox is the extended release type. Extended release is a time release niacin which unlike slow release is safe and rarely causes adverse effects. Extended release niacin supplements are best used with diet. These should however be avoided if you have liver problems, stomach ulcers or bleeding disorders.


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