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Best Bentonite Clay Detox Bath & Recipe Reviews, Symptoms

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A Bentonite clay detox is said to have a long list of benefits according to reviews and research. What is the best Bentonite clay for detox recipe? What are the benefits of Bentonite clay detox bath? Are there any symptoms of side effects of Bentonite clay detox? Find out these and how to use calcium Bentonite mud recipe for detox.

Have you been looking for an inexpensive way to detoxify or cleanse your body, then you can use some simple home-found ingredients including a potent clay called Bentonite to prepare a home detox recipe. Calcium Bentonite clay powder is one of the best ingredients used in may detox recipes, including those prepared in expensive beauty spas.

Just before we get down to how to use Bentonite clay for detox and the benefits you will get for preparing a clay detox bath, it is important that you get high quality clay. Natural Foods Store is one of the places you will get good grade calcium Bentonite powder for use in your detox recipe. If you want to do an internal detox by drinking hydrated clay, get one graded good for human use. So, what are the benefits of Bentonite clay detox?

Bentonite Clay Detox Benefits

Bentonite Clay Detox Benefits

Bentonite clay for allergies, digestive system,pathogens

Why would you use Bentonite clay or mud to do a detox? Isn’t it dirtier? Well, to the surprise of many, the FDA rates Bentonite as a medicinal clay that can be safely used at home to treat various ailments as well as cleanse the body of toxins. So, how does it work?

Bentonite clay detox benefits come from it being negatively charged. This property gives it the potential to draw out toxins (especially acidic toxins) from the body. It also attracts a lot of positively charged ions and metals, which most of the times form the harmful heavy metals that harm our health.

The clay has quite many uses, from the skin care and hair care beauty industries to home remedies and even farming, the list of its benefits is always swelling. In brief, here are the benefits of doing a calcium Bentonite detox:

  • Clears allergens from the body, and especially the skin. This helps soothe itchy skin.
  • Cleanses the digestive system by getting rid of toxins accumulating in the gut
  • As you do the detox, you will enjoy the advantages of mineral nourishment from the clay
  • Clears harmful pathogens in the body
  • Heals autoimmune disorders

With the body being exposed to about 2,100,000 toxins everyday according to GlobalHealingCenter, it is definitely a good idea to do a Bentonite clay detox on the regular to enjoy its detox advantages. However, do you know the best clay to use?

Best Bentonite Clay for Detox

Best Bentonite Clay for Detox

Sodium Bentonite Clay is the best for detoxing

What is the best Bentonite clay for detox? Mainly, there are three different types of the clay, each named according to its dominant mineral. There is sodium Bentonite clay, calcium Bentonite clay and aluminum Bentonite clay. Of all these, sodium Bentonite has more “dramatic” characteristics as it can swell about 15 times its size when hydrated. Does this make it the best Bentonite clay for detox?

Basically, the properties of sodium Bentonite make it the best for detoxing because it has a stronger negative charge. Sodium Montmorillonite can therefore pull heavy metals and toxins from the system more effectively.

Calcium Bentonite is best as a mineralizer. However, although it is not a detoxifier as effective as sodium Bentonite, it still has great benefits as a detox agent. “Because it does not swell as much, Calcium Bentonite will have some tiny particles small enough to pass through the colon wall into the bloodstream…it will scavenge out toxins.” [BulkHerbStore].

Bentonite Clay Detox Bath

Detox baths are aplenty these days, with some containing Epsom salts. A Bentonite clay detox bath is also just as beneficial since it helps clean the system and rid it of harmful environmental poisons that make their way into the body system.

You can prepare a Bentonite clay bath for cleansing at any temperature. If you are not a fan of using calcium or sodium Bentonite mud internally, external use through bathing can still be helpful. It will cleanse the skin. You will still enjoy the benefits of Bentonite mud both externally on the skin and internally since, though not effectively, it can still pull out those harmful substances. One big benefit of a detox bath using this clay is that it leaves your body feeling relaxed.

Bentonite Clay Detox Recipe


Bentonite Clay Detox Recipe prepation

There are so many detox recipes using clays. Quite a wide array of ingredients also make the list of add-ons for improving the feel, effectiveness or potency of a clay detox. So, how do you go about preparing a Bentonite clay detox recipe? Here are tips to help you with a detox or cleanse recipe using calcium Bentonite or sodium Bentonite.

  • You can add lemon to the bathtub since it will aid in detoxification.
  • Essential oil of your own choice can also make a good ingredient.
  • Do not use too much Bentonite clay. Just a quarter a cup is enough for a single detox bath recipe.
  • Ensure that you shower and clean your body thoroughly before going into a Bentonite clay detox bathtub.
  • In your recipe, it is much better if you first start by dissolving the clay in a small plastic bowl rather than putting the chunks into the water.

Remember that there are many recipes out there. You could also improvise your own just as you are comfortable. But are there any side effects of doing a detox using Bentonite clay? See these side effects of using Bentonite clay.

Bentonite Clay Detox Symptoms

What are the symptoms you need to do a Bentonite detox or cleanse? You need to look out for signs and symptoms of toxin buildup in the system in order to know when you need to go for a detox with Bentonite clay. Here’s a list of Bentonite clay detox symptoms.

  • Stiff joints
  • Joint aches and pain
  • Gas and bloating in the stomach
  • Frequent digestive problems
  • High acidity in the stomach
  • Fatigue
  • Acid reflux
  • Mental dullness

Bentonite Clay Detox Reviews

So, what do Bentonite clay detox review say about the clay’s use? Does it get rid of accumulated toxins? Does it have any side effects? I have looked at many reviews from other users, and as it is, I have seen very few complaints, some of which are not necessarily related to the detox regime but other underlying conditions that were confused to be the side effects of using the clay cleanse.

So, does the detox work according to reviews? Largely and by far, YES, it is a very effective natural detoxifier. Here are some testimonials and reviews from real people who tried the detox.

My results were amazing! I had more energy, clearer thinking and felt the detox effects more than I have during any previous cleanse!” [EarthsLivingClay]

“…I never imagined how amazing bentonite clay would be. I have healed terrible burns.” [EarthsLivingClay]

I love this product for a bowel cleanse. I take it daily with psyllium husk capsules and water. I do want to be clear and say you MUST drink lots of water with this to avoid constipation. In powder form I put this into my kids baths for a detox.” [Amazon Review]


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